Go Buy Now: Feed + Target

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Go Buy Now: FEED + Target

In our minds, a company that does good while making great products is definitely worthy of admiration—after all, who doesn’t love a win from a style and social standpoint? FEED is one of our favorite brands, making charity fashionable by providing meals to children across the U.S. through sales of their adorable (not to mention trendy) totes. We were thrilled to hear of their latest collaboration with Target, and we’ve rounded up just a few of the products that we can’t wait to get our hands on. We feel fantastic about breaking out our wallets for every single item!

1. FEED for Target Scented Jar Candle ($10)
2. FEED for Target Women’s Sleeveless Chambray Shirt – Light Wash ($25)
3. FEED for Target Polka Dot Scarf ($18)
4. FEED for Target Women’s Large Tote – Burlap ($35)
5. FEED for Target Bakeware – Med. 100 oz ($20)

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