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Home Tour with Devon Dyer of / Photographed by Jessie Webster for Glitter Guide

Devon Dyer may only be in her early twenties, but this girl is as pulled together as any experienced thirty-something. She’s the voice and business smarts behind Devon Rachel, the successful style blog that spurred a move from Dallas to Los Angeles. And you won’t find any of the typical angst-filled identity crises when you talk to Devon: from career to fashion, this is a girl who knows exactly who she is and what she wants. Scrolling through Devon Rachel, we can’t get enough of Devon’s what-you-see-is-what-you-get attitude and chic yet out-of-the-box style. Of course, we immediately fell in love with her home, a perfect reflection of Devon’s bubbly, eclectic and polished vibe!

Photography by: Jessie Webster

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  • Tell us a little about your blog, Devon Rachel.
    I started Devon Rachel over two years ago as a creative outlet to combine my love of fashion and writing. I had no idea it would give me the opportunity to move from Dallas to Los Angeles or that it would become a full time business. I decided to call the blog my actual name because my personality is exactly what you’ll get. Readers can expect to hear my outspoken, sassy but positive attitude. I try to encourage them to step out of that silly comfort zone, whether in their home or their wardrobe. Think of me as your best friend who hates to hear you say, “…Devon, I could NEVER pull that off.” Guess what? You can. I’m passionate about turning the runway into the REALway and helping you achieve your most fabulous, kick-butt self in the process.

    My favorite sofa pillow sums up the Devon Rachel mantra perfectly: Get. It. Girl.

  • How would you describe your style when it comes to interior design?
    I would describe my interior style as a mixture between Hollywood Glam, Art Deco and retro. I grew up listening to The Beatles with my Dad and became obsessed with the ’60s and ’70s at a young age, so I love to add pieces from those eras into the mix.

  • What was most challenging about decorating your home?
    My lack of space. About six months ago I was able to make my blog a full time business and started working from home. It was a major challenge to create a space for me to style and work in. I also have a very rapidly growing closet (duh), so I had to get creative with my decorating and organizing.

  • “Most people would be scared of a green sofa, I’m fully aware. Like I said, I love different pieces. The more color the better. I wanted my home to reflect my mentality: smile and have fun with it! Oh, and there’s my mantra! Get. It. Girl. The pillow is from Society Social.”

  • “Everyone always asks me where I found the peace sign hands. They were actually a gift from my mom several years ago. I should’ve lived in the ’70s — I’ve always loved the peace mentality. I also love my little sea urchin guy from Furbish Studio. It came in three different sizes! I’ve got them all over my apartment.”

  • What do you love about writing Devon Rachel?
    First of all, I love the fact that I have a career in something I’m so passionate about. I’m beyond thankful for that. I love having the opportunity to collaborate with such amazing brands on the stories and projects I get to create. Give me a vision and I’ll run with it. Most importantly, I love that my readers love and accept me for me. It’s like finding ‘the one.’ They support me through my ups and downs in such a positive way.

  • Are there any challenging aspects of running a style blog?
    Like any job, style and home bloggers run into roadblocks. There’s a constant struggle to keep things current and work doesn’t always end at 6pm. In fact, most people do not realize how much work it takes to run a blog. As the industry becomes more saturated, it is extremely important to find and keep your individuality through your voice and brand.

  • “I was so impressed and surprised to get these precious glasses in the mail from my mom for Valentine’s Day. She follows my blog and saw that I pinned these from C. Wonder (she’s their newest fan). How cute is that?”

  • How would you describe your personal style? Your choices always seem varied but very chic — how do you maintain a common thread?
    The best way to describe my personal style is that I keep it consistent by being inconsistent. I never want to let a specific style define me. When I wake up in the morning, I get dressed based on how I feel. In the same week you could see me in a pair of leather pants, preppy Polo shirt, or boho maxi dress. I’m all over the fashion spectrum! It’s all about mixing high and low price points. I love to challenge myself to think outside of the box. Oh, and when all else fails, accessorize. Go big or go home!

  • “I know this isn’t your average kitchen table, but hey, I’m a young blogger and stylist! My kitchen table often turns into my workspace. I guess you could say I really do eat and breathe fashion.”

  • Do you have any tips for finding your own personal style?
    Don’t focus on having one particular style. Dress yourself in what makes you feel confident and fabulous. And always, always, always challenge yourself to try new things. The world would be a total snooze-fest if we all dressed alike!

    “I live in a one bedroom apartment in LA, so I’m pretty limited on space. I also live for clothes, so I had to get creative and add an extra clothing rack. I like to keep this rack holding my outfits for the week, or anything that inspires me. As you can see, I’m a pattern and color freak. Black is just so boring!”

  • Does your taste in home décor reflect your fashion sense?
    Absolutely. My taste in home décor mirrors my personal style: it’s eclectic, colorful and always changing. I love to mix prints and textures on my sofa just as much as I do on my own body. I’m also a big fan of mixing high and low price points in my home. There are no words to describe the feeling you get after recreating an outrageously expensive piece for next to nothing.

  • “One of my favorite gifts as a blogger was this drawing of me. A fellow Texan drew it so I absolutely had to frame it — I promise I’m not vain! I originally used this West Elm tray for my bar cart, but recently found ‘the one’ so I decided to create a little buffet area in my kitchen with it. The lamp is from Lamps Plus!”

    Lamp from Lamps Plus

  • What inspires your fashion or décor choices?
    I’ll be honest; I didn’t always love interior design. It wasn’t until I started living on my own that I developed an immense obsession with decorating. When I moved from Texas to LA a little over a year ago, I gave myself a clean slate to decorate (which totally excited me). I love to find quirky accents that reflect my personality in my home. Being exposed to the LA fashion scene was amazing, too. Everyone is so stylish here!

  • “I love pretty sweets. Sometimes it’s hard not to devour the whole box before I snap a picture on Instagram. What can I say? I love food. Oh, and I’m loving the flower on flower on flower aspect of this picture. Perfection.”

  • How do you keep your ideas — for decorating, outfits, posts, and so on — fresh and creative?
    I put myself in the shoes of my readers. I think about what I’d love to see on a blog and try to create something that people have never seen before. I’m also a big believer of power in numbers, so I love collaborating with other bloggers and brands. I’m an open book and try t0 learn something from everyone I can. I love when a brand gives me the opportunity to produce a story from a vision, it is so rewarding to create something magical together.

  • “My personality is totally eccentric and quirky, so I love combining wild colors and retro styles in my home. The rock posters I had framed are probably my favorite part of my bedroom. I fell in love with the lamp on my bedside table and colorful pillow on my bed from Furbish Studio. That store is my favorite and sums up my style to a T. Jamie is a genius.”

    Lamp and pillow from Furbish

  • What is your favorite room in your house?
    My bedroom. I wanted to create a place where I could feel calm, snuggly and comfortable — an oasis, if you will. And I always have my best ideas late at night while I’m relaxing in bed. I know it sounds cheesy, but I finally started keeping a journal on my bedside table to jot the ideas down. My bed is my favorite place in the world.

  • “My gallery wall and dresser have been a total work in progress. I love to collect vintage art as well as new art. I also love finding old frames in thrift stores to decorate pieces I already have — like my little deer. She needed some sprucing up. Sometimes a necklace just isn’t enough!”

  • “I found this old chair at a local flea market for $20 and had intentions of changing the fabric, but kind of fell in love with the gold accent! I needed some variation in my bedroom — it was starting to become a black and white nightmare.”

  • “When I was looking for a good set of bookends, I absolutely had to have this little nugget pig in my life. He’s so cute and keeps me organized. I also love displaying white gumballs on my desk — candy is a great, inexpensive way to jazz up an area.”

  • What style blogs are at the top of your reading list?
    There are so many fashion and home bloggers on my list! I always love my sweet friends Rachel of Pink Peonies and Courtney of What Courtney Wore. I also love Liz of Late Afternoon, Kelly of Kelly Golightly and Beth of B. Jones Style. That list is almost impossible to narrow down!

  • How do you sparkle?
    I rock what I’ve got and smile! A wise person once told me, “Always believe in yourself and think positive.” Confidence is the truest sparkle. Remember: Get. It. Girl.

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