The Art Of Double-Cleansing

Written by on July 18, 2013 in Beauty, Skincare - 8 Comments
The Art Of Double-Cleansing

Using two products to clean your face may sound like an unnecessary beauty ritual, but it really has some amazing benefits that must be embraced! On a daily basis, our faces are exposed to dirt, pollution, makeup, sebum and sweat, so removing these impurities is essential to maintaining beautiful and healthy skin. Double-cleansing is a gentle approach that will remove the things we want to remove but won’t over-strip the skin or leave it feeling tight and dry. Double-cleansing prepares the skin for more products, like lotions and serums, and helps those treatments soak into the skin for greater effectiveness. And the thorough technique helps you avoid clogged or aggravated pores.

Originating in Japan in the 1960s, the two-step double-cleansing method is based on a simple chemistry lesson: oil and water do not mix because of conflicting properties. Oil removes oil, such as sebum and makeup, and a foaming or lotion cleanser used with water will remove residue and nasty pore-cloggers like sweat and dead skin. The double-cleansing ritual removes all impurities, balances all skin types and leaves your complexion feeling—and looking—its best.

Written by Erin Gerlach of The Sparkle.

Products to try:
dermalogica Precleanse ($37)
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Neutrogena Naturals Purifying Facial Cleanser ($6.39)
Clairisonic Mia 2 ($149)

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  • ame

    I am all about double-cleansing. I use DHC Cleansing Oil as my makeup remover “precleanse” as I am getting into the shower, and then at the end of my shower after I rinse my conditioner and after I wash my body, I wash my face with a gentle foaming cleanser (I like La Mer Cleansing Gel) to get any last “gunk” off.

    • erin

      lovely ritual!

  • Kylie Vincent-Hall

    I’ve been a double cleanser for years now. I use Lush’s 9 to 5 makeup remover followed by a Suki Face cleanser. Organic and all natural and totally radiant.

  • Danielle Nordahl

    Okay, so I use makeup wipes to remove my makeup, it gives me a sense of control that no other makeup remover does. Can I still double cleanse, or is the oil solely for makeup removal and therefore irrelevant? I ask because I’m very oily, and I had heard before about oil removing oil, so I wonder if it is something I should try. I’m breakout prone too, so is there a cleansing oil you can suggest that would be good for my skin type? My second step would be my lotion cleanser from the dermatologist.


    • erin

      a pre-cleanse oil works very much like a makeup remover. you could replace your makeup remover with the oil. i have oily, semi-acne prone skin, and the oil works well for me. you do not leave it on – it simply melts the makeup off the face, and then is washed off with the second cleanse. the dermalogica is very light and ideal for skin like us. a bottle lasts a good six months. good luck!

  • Guest

    STOP. Please stop. this is ridiculous. Trying to sell a product. just awful.No need to wash your face twice!

    • erin

      think of the first step like a makeup remover you’d use on a cotton pad for your eye makeup. those are oil based and act much like a pre-cleanse all over face oil would.

      • EvaS

        I agree with you Erin. I use an oil-based cleanser as a makeup remover and then cleanse my face using a cleanser and clarisonic, and the a toner. If you don’t wear makeup then just use a cleanser.

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