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Summer is the ideal time to take a vacation, and if there’s one trip we associate with the season more than anything else, it’s a beach excursion. There’s just something about the sea-and-sand combo that seems to beckon to us just as soon as the warmer months roll around. In honor of Glitter Guide’s Beach Week, we’re sharing our team’s personal favorite beach destinations across the country. From warm ocean water to delicious fish tacos to cute seaside boutiques, it seems there’s a beach here to match everyone’s summer vacation desires!

Illustration by Striped Cat Studio.[/tps_header]
“I love the laid-back vibe that Santa Cruz offers. It’s not for show—there’s nothing fancy about it. There are people relaxing and riding along the coast on their cruisers. And then there’s the old-school Beach Boardwalk, which is a fun place to ride roller coasters and eat cotton candy. I also love Capitola (right near Santa Cruz) for its colorful buildings, fun shops and great margaritas at Margaritaville!”

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Image credit: Beach for Baby

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