Glitter Guide’s Beach Essentials

It’s a disastrous scenario: you and your friends wake up early and pile into the car, headed for a fun day at the beach—only to get there and realize you’ve left your sunblock or shades at home. Talk about a quick way to ruin an otherwise perfect day! There are some essential items that you just can’t go without if you’re spending an afternoon on the beach, so the Glitter Guide team put together a list of our own beach must-haves to make sure you’re extra prepared for your next day trip!

1. Flight 001 Clean Beach Set, Shopbop ($66): Natalie likes to bring a pouch for a wet swimsuit to prepare for those spontaneous dips in the ocean. “This set is a bright and summery option for keeping wet and sandy beachwear separate from other beach bag items.”
2. Handheld Bladeless Fan, Bed Bath & Beyond ($14.99): A handheld fan is a great way to stay comfortable on extra-sunny days.
3. Sunglasses, Warby Parker ($95): Stylish sunglasses are on everyone’s essentials list.
4. Clarity Pouches, TRUFFLE (from $32): Caitlin recommends TRUFFLE’s clear pouches for keeping important items like money and ID dry.
5. Coola Lip Lux SPF15, J. Crew ($12): Says Caitlin, “I always forget to apply sunscreen to my lips! This Coola chapstick is the best.”
6. Scarf, Anthropologie ($30): Jennifer likes to use a lightweight scarf as a hair accessory. Tied on turban-style, “this a great way to accessorize a swimsuit, but it’s also the best tactic I know for preventing a badly sunburned scalp!”
7. L’Oreal Sublime Sun Advanced Sunscreen SPF50+, Ulta ($10.99): Good sunscreen should be at the top of everyone’s must-have list!
8. Sensationelle Dry Oil, Lisa Watier ($42): Erin calls this dry oil “the perfect multitasking product after a day at the beach. It gives your skin a glow and tames hair.”
9. Summer Straw Hat, J. Crew ($34.50): Says Taylor, “6 years ago I would have said a magazine and tanning oil, but now that I’m in my 30s, my skin and health are way more important to me. A big floppy hat and sunscreen are my new beach bag essentials.”
10. Orange Tribal Print Playsuit, Topshop ($48): Carrie thinks this fun romper makes a great beach outfit.
11. Stacks Wines, Liquorama ($12.99): Natalie loves these portable glasses of wine for an impromptu beach picnic.
12. Tassel Blanket, West Elm ($49): A beach blanket is comfy, and leaves your towel free for other uses—like drying off!
13. Waterproof iPhone Case, Nordstrom ($90): Instagram without fear of water damage by protecting your phone with a waterproof case.
14. Coin Purse, Anthropologie ($28): Kate likes having a small coin purse on hand for collecting beach treasures, like shells and sea glass.


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