6 Summer Sales We Can’t Wait To Shop

[tps_header]It’s a well-known fact that the fashion world is way ahead of the rest of us when it comes to seasonal clothing—swimsuits pop up in March, and you can easily find a winter coat by September. Most of the time the industry’s rush to get to the next season seems a little crazy, but there are some benefits to the seasonal disconnect! While we’ve still got an entire month of summer ahead of us, many of the warm-weather items we’ve been coveting since spring are on sale—giving us plenty of time to wear these discounted duds! To help you finish the season as stylishly as you started, we’ve made a list of the sales we’ve been waiting all summer to shop.[/tps_header]
Shopbop: Slashed prices on designer clothes have us making room in our closets!

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Soft Joie Romper ($110)

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