Recipe File: Whipped Goat Cheese + Fig Crostini

Written by on August 15, 2013 in Food, Lifestyle - 4 Comments
Recipe File: Whipped Goat Cheese + Fig Crostini

Today our Editorial Director, Caitlin is sharing a fresh and easy appetizer that’s perfect for end-of-summer entertaining. “The secret to this recipe is whipping the goat cheese with a little cream — it makes it light and fluffy and takes only a little extra effort!”  Whip up a plate of these yummy crostinis, pour a glass of white wine and enjoy the final days of summer with your girl friends. Bonus: omit the bread for an equally tasty gluten-free option.

Recipe + Photos: Caitlin Moran


-4 ripe figs sliced into slivers
-1/2 log of plain goat cheese
-1 tbs cream or half & half
-Fresh thyme
-Lightly toasted french bread cut into slices


1. Mix together the goat cheese and cream in a small dish with a fork. Fluff it and stir until it’s smooth and creamy, adding more cream if needed.

2.Top each slice of toast with a smear of goat cheese, then a fig slice and drizzle with honey to finish.

3. Garnish with fresh thyme.

Ready for


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