5 Hairstyles For Hectic Lifestyles

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5 Hairstyles For Hectic Lifestyles

Summer is such a nice break from the day-to-day grind. We’re spending more time outside and maybe missing a deadline or two—choosing to linger over social engagements with family and friends instead. As we get closer to September, our long and lazy summer days are coming to a close. Before we know it, the leaves will begin to turn and we’ll head back into the reality of hectic schedules. When that back-to-reality, slap-your-6AM-alarm-clock moment officially hits, keep your locks looking gorgeous with these chic—and most importantly, quick—hairstyles.

By Erin Gerlach of The Sparkle.


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  • Crowning glory: An ornate-looking style that’s actually as simple as it gets! Create this crown by starting with two braided pigtails. Wrap each braid over the top of the head, tucking the end of the braid under its counterpart. Fasten the ends to the head with a bobby pin.

    Image: Camille Styles

  • Put a bow on it: Pulling the hair off of the face and into a half-up hairstyle is elegant and timeless. Kick it up by adding a girly bow around the elastic.

    Image: Running On Happiness

  • Get knot-y: Knots in your hair aren’t always a bad thing! A quick ponytail is transformed into an inventive ‘do with one single bobby-pin.

    Image: Habotai

  • Up and away: Easily one of the most simple (and chicest!) hairstyles, the top knot is a great alternative to the more high-maintenance sock bun—making it perfect for those mornings we’re running late. Gather all the hair on top of the head and secure with an elastic or bobby pins. Remember: the messier, the better!

  • Pony-up: A classic pony never fails! Add a bit of texture with mild backcombing at the crown. Wrap the elastic with a few strands of hair and secure with a bobby pin.

    Image: Harper’s Bazaar

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