The Chic Office Spaces Of Our Favorite Business Women


If your creative energy has been a bit on the lackluster side lately, you’re in luck! In honor of back-to-school season, we’re taking a peek into the chic offices of some of our favorite power women. Each shares her gorgeous space, along with tried and true tips for staying organized and getting inspired. Representing some of the brightest talent in fashion and PR, these seven stylish women all bring something special to the table. We can’t wait to follow their advice as we head into this fresh season—now armed with the motivation to revamp both our desks and daily routines!

By Carrie Waller of Dream Green DIY.

Ashlina Kaposta, The Decorista:

1. How would you describe your creative process?
As an interior designer, I get inspired by all things visual. Movies, magazines, books, Instagram, even walks in the city. After I get inspired by a concept, I love to pull everything together on a board—the magic begins from there.

2. What’s your go-to tip for keeping an organized on-the-go lifestyle?
An updated calendar synced with my iPhone and MacBook is everything! I add everything to it, even reminders with alerts like “drink water/green tea, pick up dry cleaning, take vitamins.” Keeping healthy is also super important to my hectic schedule.

Photos by Michelle James Photography.

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Author: Caitlin Kruse

  • I recently moved, and have a brand new office space to redecorate, so thank you for the inspiring post! I’m looking forward to updating my office area now!

  • Please please, does anyone know where Rachel Parcell’s (of the Pink Peonies) desk is from? I am looking for a new one and this is exactly what I had in mind!

  • With all due respect to GG and the ladies in the article, I am disappointed to see that fashion bloggers are considered “businesswomen.” There are many great role models for young women who work extremely hard, long hours and days, to support themselves, their families, paying off student loans, etc. Not to mention who continuously fight the inequalities in the workplace we face with men. Yes, they still exist. It would have been nice if GG would have highlighted a true working-woman in the modern world – just because we aren’t fashion bloggers doesn’t mean we don’t dress awesome, like to learn about makeup/beauty trends, etc. Those are the types of role models we women need.

    • Taryn, I do appreciate your comment, I take offense to that though. I am a working woman… I work very hard and run my own business as an interior designer. Also I am a speaker, mentor and author. I also blog about interior design, not fashion. And Erin H. is a personal friend of mine and she runs her own communications firm as well. I’m pretty sure the other women on the list work as hard as we do, too!
      We are true working women working hard for our careers and are just as much of role models for women as anyone else.

      • Indeed, I have to chime in with Ashlina to say that not only is it likely that many of the women showcased here do more than “fashion blog” – like the ladies of Rue Magazine who are writers, editors and graphic designers who have kept a magazine alive for three years, but blogging is now a business in and of itself that requires hard work, business savvy and the willingness to venture into a fledging industry that is growing and changing everyday. Creating a successful site that is filled with beautiful content requires both creative and business strategies if you want to compete in the world of the world wide web. Standing out among hundreds of millions of blogs is no small feat. These may not be traditional careers, but they’re real, they’re here and it’s certainly something I’m proud to say I do!

  • There is a chair in front of the door in Rachel’s office. Fire hazard! Also nice product placement.

    I do agree with the guest below. I am a working woman and find nothing in common with these fashion bloggers who don’t have real jobs. I certainly don’t have $700 shoes sitting beside of my desk. It’s a sad world for a little girl looking for a role model.

  • I love the GG but I am also disappointed to see Rachel as a BUSINESS WOMAN? I do not see how playing dress up 24-7 is a career? I use to like her blog until she started selling out….here is some advice GG, pick a real hard working woman and you’ll gain my respect back! lol

  • How can you feature someone like Rachel of Pink Peonies who clearly faked this space for the photo session. If you read her blog, she uses the same “props” in all of her staged home photos- same stack of books, same Jo Malone candle, etc…So fake. Also who keeps shoes out on display like that, so relatable- look at me and my $900 Valentino shoes on display. She is clearly very materialistic with her Chanel shopping bag and Valentino shoes.

  • Would love to know where Allyson -pr got her white desk on the right with flowers from. Please and thank you:)

  • Love this inspiration! So many haters in this post. You realize you are on a website with the name glitter in it right? How many “corporate women” you speak of wear glitter and even know how to dress themselves?

    See what I did there?

  • I am designing a book cover for a book about women entrepreneurs. I came across your article The Chic Office Spaces of our Favourite Business Women.
    I would love to use the photo of Rachel Parcell from the article.
    Could you please put me in contact with the photographer, so I can enquire if the photograph is available for sale and whether I can obtain permission from Rachel Parcell for use of the photo on a book cover. Thank you.

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