DIY: Gold Tasseled Napkins By Freutcake

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DIY: Gold Tassel Napkins

We’re excited to bring you another sparkly DIY tutorial from our favorite entertaining guru, Leah of Freutcake.
“I love nothing more than a simple yet sparkly DIY so without further ado, let me  introduce you to my DIY Tasseled Napkins. These simple little metallic tassels are the perfect way to dress up everyday napkins. And they’re just perfect for adding a little shine to your next dinner party or a bit of whimsy to an intimate wedding tablescape. After all, everything is more festive when tasseled!”
DIY: Leah Bergman of Freutcake
Photography: Joanne Pio


-Cloth Napkins
-Metallic embroidery floss
-Needle and thread


Step 1: Cut a piece of stiff paper or cardboard and fold in half to the desired size of your tassel. When folded, my paper card measured about 2 ½ inches.
Step 2: Start wrapping the embroidery floss around the card. The more times you wrap around, the fuller your tassel will be!
Step 3: Through the open side of the folded card, cut embroidery floss.
Step 4: Keeping floss in a small bundle, lay on a flat surface and cut a new piece of floss about the same length as the bundle.
Step 5: Tie a knot around the middle of the bundle to secure.
Step 6: Fold bundle in half at the middle and with a new piece of floss begin to wind around the bundle about ½ an inch from the top to create the head of the tassel. Secure with a knot.
Step 7: With sharp scissors, trim the ends of the tassel.
Step 8: Sew finished tassels to all four corner of your cloth napkin and enjoy!
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