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Style at Home with Zoe Chico / Photography by Bryce Covey

Zoë Chicco is the trained goldsmith and designer behind her sensational Los Angeles-based jewelry line — a downright dreamy mix of delicate, yet statement-making pieces. Her artful abode is a shining testament to her elevated eye for creative design and detail. Every nook and cranny is just as clean, polished and visually intriguing as her jewelry — read on to see all of the gorgeousness for yourself!

Photography: Bryce Covey

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  • When and how did you get started in the jewelry business? If you include the earliest jewelry that I made for my mother (which she still has!), I started around age five. But my formal beginning started with an art teacher in high school who took me under her wing and introduced me to metalsmithing. I fell in love with it, so in college I majored in Studio Art with a metalsmithing concentration. I graduated with the intent to make jewelry as a living. I didn’t realize at the time how challenging it would be, but I was lucky enough to come from a family that always encouraged me to follow my dreams and do what I was passionate about. So I never even entertained another option. After school I worked for a couple of different designers as a bench jeweler and really fine-tuned my technical skills, all the while designing my own pieces on the side. When I felt ready, I started my own collection in 2000.

  • “Our living room is definitely the heart of our home. During the week after a long day we will often eat dinner in here in front of the fire while watching TV. On the weekends, we like to throw down a bunch of pillows, have friends over, fill the table with snacks, drink wine, and play a game or hang out.”

  • What are the most rewarding and challenging aspects of your work? The most rewarding aspect is being able to create new pieces that I love and am proud of, and that my customers respond to in a positive way. It is such an amazing feeling to be able to support yourself doing something creative that you truly enjoy. The challenge for me is finding a balance between work and non-work life. When you have your own business (and you’re as much of a control freak as I can be), the work day never really ends. I find it very difficult to unplug and tune it all out. My husband is the same way, but we are really making an effort to change that and make more time for ourselves to do the things that we enjoy outside of the office.

  • “It is not uncommon to see me with a glass of sparkling rosé in my hand. I love me some bubbly! When I’m at home these days, however, I try to keep it a bit lighter, so my drink of choice is typically a Sauvignon Blanc spritzer. The rosé, coupled with my friend who was off to the side making me laugh, helped me loosen up for the photos. In general, I am more comfortable behind the scenes.”

    Blazer: Parker; Tank: Helmut Lang; Leather bracelet: Céline; Jewelry: Zoë Chicco

  • How do you stay inspired?
    I don’t necessarily seek out inspiration, but it often comes to me by osmosis. I’m a very visual person, so often something as simple as repeating themes that I see in my everyday-life (colors, patterns, textures, etc.) will inspire a new collection. I may be sitting in a café for brunch and see someone walk by in a dress with a print that gives me an idea for a new piece. I keep a running list of ideas in my phone. The internet is also a never-ending vortex of inspiration. I like to drink my morning latte in bed with my iPad getting lost on Pinterest and my favorite design and fashion blogs. I am currently obsessing over rose gold and black diamonds, so I started a dark rose pinboard. Now, black and blush are making their way into all aspects of my life, from my clothes to my accessories to my décor, you name it.

  • “The Mint Julep copper cups are special to me because they were a gift from one of my employees. We keep them on the bar because the copper color is such a nice accent and the gift was so thoughtful. I am so lucky to work with such an amazing group of women. I really have a wonderful team and could not do what I do without them.”

  • Describe your aesthetic. Does your décor mimic elements of your personal style at all?
    Absolutely! When I’m into something, a pattern, a palette or a motif, it shows up everywhere in my life. For the most part, my wardrobe matches my home. Everything is black, white and gray with colorful accents thrown in. I like clean, simple lines, but with roominess and comfort as well. Leather and faux fur? Yes, please. That pretty much describes my home and my wardrobe. Lately I’ve been piling on the gold jewelry, so naturally, gold accents are my new thing. Our home is done in mostly gray and silver tones, so I’ve incorporated just a bit in our house, but gold has really made a strong appearance at my office. Lots of brass happening there.

  • Tell us a bit about the design process in your home.
    We don’t have a set of rules; we just buy things that we like. I can’t stand not having things finished and in their place, while my husband is much more patient and could deliberate about which sofa to buy for months. He usually lets me win unless he feels really strongly about something, in which case I let him win. So we have found a good balance. Luckily, we both gravitate towards a relatively modern style, with square clean lines, a neutral gray, black and white palette throughout, and lots of reflective surfaces and accents. But the little details and flourishes are pretty eclectic. We like to add some character with pops of color, the occasional mid-century or Hollywood Regency piece and, of course, my flea market finds.

  • “Our Doberman Rocco is pretty much the center of our universe. We don’t have kids yet, so for the time being he is an only child and spoiled rotten. We put a couch in our home office to basically function as a giant dog bed, so when we are working at home, this is where you will find him. Above the couch we have a growing wall of favorite photos from vacations, our wedding, and childhood to remind us of our happiest memories.”

  • “This is my daily standard left hand. There are a couple of pieces of jewelry that I treasure and wear every single day. First, my wedding rings. My husband designed my engagement ring and had it made. He had a very good sense of what I wanted and he was able to execute it perfectly. I always stack my platinum wedding rings with some rose and yellow gold bands from my collection because I love the mixed metal. Second, my rose gold signet ring with a ‘K’ on it for my beloved Rottweiler mix, Kaya. She passed away a couple of years ago after being my loyal companion for 12 years; I wear this ring every day and think of her. And my watch is a 1970 vintage Rolex. Even though I am usually running about 10 minutes late, I always feel the need to know exactly what time it is. I never take it off.”
    Dress: Parker; Watch: Rolex; Leather bracelet: Céline; Jewelry: Zoë Chicco

  • “The majority of trinkets on these shelves are flea market finds. Tim had to build this custom wall of shelves in our home office so I could have more space to put my all my treasures. He’s pretty good to me.”

  • In what ways does your home serve as an oasis?
    I really do love our home. It is the one place that we come to at the end of the day to relax. I do have some trouble turning my work-self off sometimes and have to physically get out of the house so I don’t wind up in front of my computer. We re-did our backyard a couple of years ago so now we often sit out there to unwind. We have a couple of chaise lounges so I can get a little sun and we built a pergola with a wrap-around bench with lots of pillows so we have a shady spot we can hang out with our dog and read or take a nap. When we have time we like to barbecue, play some music and enjoy the hot tub. It is our own little mini vacation-land out there.

  • “When we moved in, I thought I wanted our bedroom to be all white. But once we lived in it for a while, I completely changed my mind and decided we should paint it black. I love the contrast between the dark walls and the Flokati rug. One of my favorite things in the room is the horse photo above the bed.  I have always loved and ridden horses since I was a child. We had been looking for something to fill that space for a while. Our really good friend Amber, who has amazing taste, spotted this piece at Big Daddy’s in LA, and called me and told me she had found exactly what I was looking for. She described it to me and I bought it over the phone sight unseen. I couldn’t have been happier when I went to pick it up—it was even better than I had imagined.”

  • Where are your top spots to shop for the home?
    I am a BIG online shopper. Houzz and Pinterest are amazing resources. I have gotten some of my favorite pieces from Horchow. One Kings Lane is habit forming, as is Ebay. I have also found really cute accent pieces from Furbish Studio (and they have amazing customer service). And don’t turn your nose up at Overstock. There are great things to be found there.


  • “I made this painting for my husband for our 5th Anniversary. The words are the lyrics to “Forever” by Ben Harper, which was the song we danced to at our wedding. I had seen work by an artist in this style and absolutely loved it. Unfortunately, at the time, commissioning the piece was way out of my budget, but I couldn’t get the idea out of my head. So I painted it myself. At the time Tim was traveling to China often for work, so every evening he was away I would work on it. It took me over a month to finish it.”

  • How do you sparkle?
    …by trying to be my best self. Sometimes it is hard but when you do it successfully, you sparkle from the inside out…that and diamonds


  • “These are some of my favorite everyday right hand pieces. I am really into layering thin gold bangles and rings. The hand chain is rose gold with black diamonds, which is part of my new Dark Rose-inspired collection.”
    Dress: H&M; All jewelry: Zoë Chicco

  • Dana

    god her home is beyond gorgeous – so bright, simple and clean. I LOVE it!

    The Casual Classic

  • Vannessa@Luxuria

    Such a gorgeous home; so tranquil

  • Whitney Fitzgerald

    Gorgeous home! What color is the grey on her walls in her living room? It’s divine!

  • Annie Kruse

    Love the little details and the fact that Zoe has painted her bedroom BLACK! Shock! Horror! I say coooooollllll. 😉

  • Tiffany

    I love her dining set. Where is it from?

  • hjordan

    that green chair is the chair of my dreams! -where is it from??

  • JoannaGreen

    obsessed with this home, where is the lamp with the lucite base and grey oval patterned lampshade from (on desk) from!!

    • Zoe Chicco

      Thank you! The lamp is a flea market find, the shade is from Lamps Plus.

  • Jessie D. Miller

    The architecture of that home is spectacular! I love all of the lighting in this place! She obviously has great style!

  • sjw

    House is ridiculously awesome. im truly amazed. i will use this as inspiration for my future home.

  • Vanessa

    Where is the feather print from?

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    so beautiful! Love that fireplace, and that zebra stripe chair!

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