On Our Radar: Around The Waist

Think tying a jacket around your waist is a fashion statement reserved for elementary school kids who forget their hoodies in the classroom? Think again! A light jacket or button up cinched at your hips is one of our favorite casual looks this season. As long as you’ve got an otherwise polished outfit or a few chic accessories, tying a plaid button up or stylish moto jacket around your waist is a fashionable, relaxed touch.

Clockwise from top left:
1. A sleek dress and leopard print booties are fashionable and trendy, so we love how easily a sophisticated jacket around the waist dresses this look down. (Sara Strand)
2. A statement necklace is the perfect counterpoint to a chambray shirt wrapped casually around your waist, and both are great additions to a crisp, fresh outfit. (They All Hate Us)
3. We love this upscale punk look: a vintage-inspired band tee and plaid shirt have just the right amount of edge when paired with heels and a sophisticated bag. (Fashionvibe)

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