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Glitter Girl: Grace Atwood / Photographed by Trent Bailey Photography for Glitter Guide

We love any girl who adores sparkles as much as we do at Glitter Guide, so it’s no secret that we’re big fans of Grace Atwood, the voice behind Stripes & Sequins. Grace’s blog is the perfect combination of fashion and beauty inspiration, personal style and DIY projects, all with a sparkly twist. And Grace herself is just as darling as her blog. We love how passionate she is about her work, and how much fun she has with fashion. Oh and we’re also totally envious that Grace, who handles social media for Bauble Bar, has access to so many gorgeous accessories!

Photography: Trent & Dara Bailey 

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  • Tell us about your blog, Stripes & Sequins and why you started the site? 
    Stripes & Sequins is a hodgepodge of fashion, lifestyle, beauty and DIY.  I have so many interests that I sort of just write about all of them. Honestly, I had no idea what I was doing when I started the site nearly four years ago. At the time I was working in a very corporate environment. I spent my days making PowerPoint decks and crunching numbers and was pretty unhappy at work. I just wanted to have a little place to share inspiration and things I loved. I had no idea that blogging could turn into a business, or all of the interesting things it would lead me to.

  • How do you balance your full time job and your blogging business? 
    It can be hard but I like to think I have it down to a science. I write most of my posts late at night or during the weekend, so that I can have a life during the week. There are certainly some really late nights in there, and it takes discipline (i.e. not drinking too much at a fun dinner party so that I can get home to finish a post.) I shoot my outfits the morning before with my photographer Lydia. Having someone to photograph and edit all of my photos makes life much easier.
    The honest truth is that I am so passionate about both my blog and my job that I would be lost without either one. My coworkers at BaubleBar are some of my best friends, and my blog is my baby. I wouldn’t be me without either one. I think that passion is what keeps me going. The hardest thing is making time for myself. I literally have to schedule it on my calendar or it won’t happen.
    “My coffee table is always piled high with books. It makes the table less functional but makes the apartment feel so much more like home. I always have a candle burning…even in the middle of the day!”

  • What are some of the highlights of your blogging career thus far?
    There have been so many. Being featured in different magazines and working with brands are both cool, but the number one best thing is that I have made real, true genuine girlfriends who I trust and love so much through blogging. And I’ve gotten to meet some of my favorite designers through my Designer DIY series. And I loved being able to help my sister launch her business via the network of blogging pals I’ve made along the way. It’s really all about the people.

  • What is your style philosophy?
    Keep it simple (and sparkly). I think it’s also important not to get too caught up with the trends. I’m big on splurging on classic pieces I’ll have forever and buying the rest at Zara (or making it myself!).

     “I’m wearing J.crew leopard pumps and an armful of Baublebar and Vita Fede bracelets. The pouf is from John Derian.”

  • What are your favorite local spots to shop and eat?
    To be honest, I do most of my shopping online as I don’t have that much free time. But I love Otte in the West Village, and Catbird in Brooklyn. Love, Adorned in the East Village is another cool spot. I love all of the cozy restaurants in the West Village (Cafe Cluny and Malatesta are two of my favorites), Mexican at Los Feliz, ABC Kitchen (the sundae is heaven!).

  • “This crystal covered toolbox was a gift from Swarovski and is one of my treasured possessions. It is so sparkly and has my twitter handle on the front!”

  • We love your sparkly DIY projects! They are always so fun, but simple enough for us to take a stab at. Where do you find inspiration for them? Have you ever had any DIY fails that didn’t make the blog?
    So besides being a big crafter, I’m also a big shopper. I’m always on Shopbop and Net-a-Porter and before I buy anything I ask myself if it’s something I could make. If I can make it, it gets pinned to my hidden DIY pinboard. When I’m out shopping I get inspired too. My iphone is a mess. There are so many photos of things I want to make. Funny you should ask about the fails, as I’ve had a lot of them lately. The most memorable was trying to make a metal cuff bracelet I saw out of a wire coat hanger. It was going to be amazing. It went horribly wrong.

    “Here I’m working on a fun little (shourouk inspired!) DIY project that is coming soon to the blog!”

  • “These are a few of my favorite design books piled with nail polishes and Baublebar necklaces. I have the Bijou Gem Strand in several colors. It’s a great basic necklace and layers easily with other necklaces.”

  • Where do you find inspiration on the web and what are some of your favorite blogs?
    I have a lot of favorites. I have 370(!) blogs in my Feedly and read them daily. I have to, it is part of my job at BaubleBar to be on top of everything going on in the blogger world. But I have my personal favorites, too. I never miss a post from Honestly WTF, Cheetah is the New Black, vmac+cheese and Could I Have That?.

  • What are three things always in your handbag?
    Burt’s Bees chapstick, a hair tie and my iPhone.

  • Valentino heels.

  • “I add whatever is inspiring me at the moment to my inspiration board. A sweet note from a friend, swipes from magazines, and of course, lots of jewelry!  My favorites are from Baublebar, J.crew, Lulu Frost, and my grandmother’s jewelry box.”

  • “Fresh sunflowers from the farmers’ market, and this fun business card holder. I love elephants.”

  • “My office space!  I keep it decorated with prints from Furbish and Note to Self’s print shops, and you’ll see that there is a lot of jewelry here (a recurring theme!).”

  • “I’m a total bookworm. When I’m not working, I’m usually reading. This necklace is from Lulu Frost. I ordered it on Moda Operandi over the winter and love it so much.”

  • “Stripes and sequins really are my favorite look. Nothing is better than a classic striped tee (this one is from Chance) and a great sequined skirt. It’s such an easy and fun look!”

  • Becca Atwood

    Love this feature on my beautiful, smart, talented, and hard working sister!!

    • graceatwood

      awww sister… I love you!

  • Jaclyn Letizia

    Loving this outfit!! May need to recreate for myself:)

    • graceatwood

      so happy you like it!

  • Sweet & Spark

    I spy Sweet & Spark 😉

    • graceatwood

      <3 SPARK!

  • Michela Aramini

    Officially obsessed with this lady! Love her style and infectious passion for life. XO

    • graceatwood

      aw, thank you michela! xx

  • Dana

    she’s one of my favorites!! great feature.

    • graceatwood

      thanks dana! :)

  • Hallie Wilson

    Grace’s passion for style, DIY and life in general is seriously contagious. Great feature, GG!

    • graceatwood

      heart you hallie!!

  • Jeanne

    Omg. Love your style, and I love that book Time and Again!

    • graceatwood

      it’s a good one!!!!

  • Morgan

    Love this… can’t wait to see the new apartment!

  • Andi Perullo

    Love love love this feature! Awesome pics of an awesome blogger!!!

    • graceatwood

      thank you andi! x

  • Comfy Cozy Couture

    Love her…she just seems like the sweetest girl! Great style!

    • graceatwood

      aw, thanks! :)

  • Mandy

    love your style and would SUPER love to know what lipstick you are wearing! xo

    • graceatwood

      hi mandy! it is NARS heat wave. and old standby 😉

  • Rachelle

    I love this feature I love her blog and style so much and read it daily.

    • graceatwood

      thank you!

  • Dose of Dash

    I love the Glitter Girl series and it’s great to see detail shots but I find it frustrating that you never show bigger shots to get the feel of the whole space or room. If I want to get a feel for how the fabulous Grace Atwood lives I want to see more than just her glass table. I can see that on her blog any day.

    This is not to say I didn’t enjoy the post, just a suggestion! xo

    • graceatwood

      hi there! I’m sorry that we didn’t show more shots of the whole space / room… this was actually done by glitter guide as a favor to me… a few days after the shoot, my boyfriend and I broke up and I moved out… so I wanted to have the feature show more details vs. the whole space since I don’t live there anymore. i’m sorry!

      • Dose of Dash

        Grace I am so sorry! It was a just a suggestion for GG – sorry you felt the need to share this personal info online. Wishing you the best and a new space that you love and that immediately feels like home!

        • graceatwood

          No worries, I just wanted to let you know bc it isn’t GG’s fault! x

  • A Slice of Glam

    loooove the skirt! And the elephant business card holder! Would love to know where I can buy it! :)

    • graceatwood

      Hi! It was a gift from a brand a while back… I’m sorry, I wish I knew where it came from!

    • graceatwood

      Actually, Benefit just wrote me back… it came from this Etsy Shop!!

      • A Slice of Glam

        thanks! :)

  • Cathleen Rychner

    I love this article. The pictures are beautiful!

    • graceatwood

      so happy you liked it!

  • Emily

    Loved this feature & love Grace! Isn’t That Charming.

    • graceatwood

      thanks Emily!!

  • Jackie-York Avenue

    Love Grace’s blog, and this feature is beautiful! Love the striped and sequined outfit and all of the books, girly touches, and jewelry.

    • graceatwood

      thanks jackie!

  • victoria | vmac + cheese

    Yay Grace! I’m so proud and impressed by everything she’s built in the last few years. Just fabulous! And thank you so much for the shout out, G!

    • graceatwood

      <3 you v!

  • HM

    Would love to know where I can find that elephant business card holder! Love it!

    • graceatwood

      Hi! It was a gift from a brand a long time ago… I will email them to find out if they are still available!

    • graceatwood

      Hi HM, the business card holder came from here: :)

      • HM

        Thank you!! Going to get one for my new office :)

  • sCe

    Love love love this feature!

    • graceatwood

      so happy you enjoyed it :)

  • PhotoGirl

    Love her! I’ve only recently discovered her blog, but I think she has such great style. And I hold her personally responsible for my addiction to all things BaubleBar.

    • graceatwood

      aw, thank you… I’m so happy you like my blog + BaubleBar (not the worst addiction to have… 😉

  • Ashleigh @ Jolie Jouel

    Ohhh one of my favorite bloggers! Grace, you have my dream job as social media manager for Bauble Bar. As a jewelry blogger, nothing could be better than that! ~ ashleigh

    • graceatwood

      thanks ashleigh! its my dream job too, i’m pretty lucky. :)

  • overit

    cupcakes and sitting in front of her mac- SO ORGINAL

  • pretty chouette

    Hi Grace! I love your style and am so glad to get a peek at some of your treasures. :) Also, where is that skirt from photo 25 from? Love it. I definitely need to read your blog now!

    xo Adrienne

    • graceatwood

      hi Adrienne! thanks! it is from j.crew. it is a few years old but i feel like they bring a different version of it back every year.

  • Judith Damato

    Love your style! Picture 22 of 26 shows a dress form. Where can I get it? (: Thanks!

    • graceatwood

      hi judith! mine was a gift but if you go on ebay and search for dress forms, there are sooo many. hope this is helpful!!

  • Mandy Rye

    Absolutely love this feature. I agree, her passion is contagious! Loves it xo @ Waiting on Martha

    • graceatwood

      thank you mandy!!! :)

  • Lauren | Seventeenth & Irving

    Amazing feature on Grace. Not only is she incredibly talented and stylish, she’s also super nice – someone you would want to be best friends with! It shows in everything she does. Love this glimpse into her world!

    • graceatwood

      aw, Lauren you are so sweet! this comment made my morning! xx

  • Beth

    Great feature on S&S!! I have been a loyal fan of hers for over a 18 months now and Grace also does a great job in keeping us ladies updated on beauty trends for hair and make up too! 54 comments on Glitter Guide is kinda a big deal….just saying

    • graceatwood

      aw, thank you beth!! I’m so happy to hear you like my site :)

  • Christine

    GRACE!! I love this feature and you!<3

    • graceatwood

      love youuuu lady! XOXO

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  • EmmaTaylorMade

    my heart just skipped a beat – LOVE the Lulu Frost necklace! Thank you Glitter Guide for bringing Stripes & Sequins to my attention, Grace you are a girl after my own heart and I look forward to reading your blog sat at my desk here in England :-) xo

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  • Frippery Vintage

    Love how Grace styles her coffee

  • K

    Could you tell me where you found the feather prints in your office? Oh, and the lip print? Thanks :)

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  • Monika Hibbs

    So great Grace!! xo

  • A Girl, A Style

    I just LOVE this feature! Grace is one of my favourite blog ladies; she is so sweet, her style is always spot on, and she shares my sparkle addiction. So of course I’m not at all surprised that her house is equally gorgeous!

    Briony xx

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  • Coryne

    Where did you find that elephant business card holder??? I LOVE elephants and have to have that card holder!! :)

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