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We love any girl who adores sparkles as much as we do at Glitter Guide, so it’s no secret that we’re big fans of Grace Atwood, the voice behind Stripes & Sequins. Grace’s blog is the perfect combination of fashion and beauty inspiration, personal style and DIY projects, all with a sparkly twist. And Grace herself is just as darling as her blog. We love how passionate she is about her work, and how much fun she has with fashion. Oh and we’re also totally envious that Grace, who handles social media for Bauble Bar, has access to so many gorgeous accessories!

Photography: Trent & Dara Bailey [/tps_header]
Tell us about your blog, Stripes & Sequins and why you started the site? 
Stripes & Sequins is a hodgepodge of fashion, lifestyle, beauty and DIY.  I have so many interests that I sort of just write about all of them. Honestly, I had no idea what I was doing when I started the site nearly four years ago. At the time I was working in a very corporate environment. I spent my days making PowerPoint decks and crunching numbers and was pretty unhappy at work. I just wanted to have a little place to share inspiration and things I loved. I had no idea that blogging could turn into a business, or all of the interesting things it would lead me to.

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