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Firefly Events Office Space Tour / Photography: Jessie Webster

Planning your wedding is one of the most special (and stressful!) times of your life. Teissia and Alia of Firefly Events have made it their job to help brides plan the perfect day without the usual chaos. We have long admired their passion for  creating elegant and unique events, and we couldn’t wait to get a peek inside their New York City offices. The modern space filled with cozy and creative touches is the perfect place for Teissia and Alia to help brides-to-be plan their big day!

Photography: Jessie Webster 

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  • How and when did Firefly Events begin?
    I started Firefly from my Los Feliz apartment in Los Angeles, CA in February of 2009. I had been working as the event coordinator for LAYN, a wonderful non-profit who’s mission is “to empower abused, neglected and homeless adolescents to become self-sufficient.” I did their event fundraising and quickly became the go-to event planner for all my friends as well. Small birthday gatherings slowly turned into holiday parties which then turned into weddings. While I loved working for the non-profit I found myself even more passionate about the weddings I was planning and eventually, a smart friend suggested that I might want to do weddings full time. Honestly, the thought had never even crossed my mind, but as soon as the seed was planted I knew that’s what I wanted to do.

    I also knew that I was done working for other people. I wanted to have complete creative control and do things my way. That year I created Firefly Events and never looked back! It’s been an amazing journey that finally brought me to the most exciting city of them all —New York.

    “We love our Restoration Hardware Flat Iron Table because it’s both beautiful and functional. It’s heavy duty unfinished top makes it the perfect crafting table for our many DIY projects and it’s pretty enough that it can serve as our main work space as well. We’re also totally in love with our super comfy Knoll Saarinen Executive Chairs that we’ve paired with the table. We purchased ours from Two Jakes, a local vintage furniture store specializing in mid-century office furniture, and then had them reupholstered. Even with the reupholstering costs they were a steal compared to the brand new ones we originally had our eye on.”

  • What sparked your interest in event planning?
    I have always been insanely organized and also very creative. From a very early age I was always coming up with new business ideas — one of my favorites being the roller rink in my parent’s garage — and making weird art projects with whatever I could get my hands on. Once I realized that there was a job that allowed me to be both organized and creative, I fell in love.

  • What has been your favorite event that you worked on?
    Oh, gosh! It’s so hard to pick just one! We’re very lucky to have worked with, and continue to work with, such wonderful clients that are all so different and unique. It’s impossible to compare and pick favorites!

    “No studio is complete with out a bar cart! This one is from Crate and Barrel and has seen many a creative cocktail. Above our bar cart is the ever classic Papier-Mache Stag from West Elm complete with a confetti crown from Confetti System. It’s always a party at the Firefly Events studio!”

  • Do you have a signature detail you try to include at all your events? 
    Actually quite the opposite. We try very hard to make each wedding as unique as possible. We believe that every wedding is an opportuniry to bring our client’s individual style to the forefront.

    “Alia (Firefly planner) enjoying one of our fave cocktail creations – the Firefly Spritz (look for the recipe on Glitter Guide tomorrow!). She’s wearing a vintage Badgley Mischka skirt paired with a simple ASOS Boyfriend T-Shirt and a chunky flee-market find necklace.”

  • “The Peekaboo Clear Console from CB2 makes the perfect desk for our intern. It’s cute and compact, which are two very important qualities when you’re dealing with a small space. The lamp, one of the many gold accents you’ll see in our studio, is from good ol’ Urban Outfitters, and our dear friend and amazing wedding photographer, Trent Bailey, snapped the beautiful pics of NYC that you see above the desk. “

  • What have you done successfully to grow your business? 
    Follow my intuition and take risks. As a business owner I think those two things are at the forefront of growth. There are so many decisions to be made along the way and it’s important to learn how to trust yourself to make the right ones, otherwise you can get paralyzed in over thinking and second guessing. It’s also important to push things forward, which is when the risk taking comes into play. It’s like the saying, you’re never really ready to have a baby so you just have to do it. The same goes for things like, hiring employees or getting an office. There could always be a better time, or you could always be more financially prepared, but at the end of the day sometimes you just have to take those steps to initiate growth. When I hired Alia (Firefly planner) I didn’t quite know how it was going to work, both logistically and financially, but I knew it was the right move and boy was I right! She’s been a huge asset to the company and really helped it grow in a way I never thought possible. She also makes a mean cocktail. Same goes for our Lower East Side office that we moved into in January of 2013. Making the move from a home office to a separate space was a huge leap of faith. Having two rents was hard to swallow, but it has proven to be an amazing work space, propelling Firefly forward, and has been worth every penny. 

  • “Our magnetic door has quickly become a memory collage chalk-full of pictures from past weddings, thank you cards from clients, silly photobooth pics, design sketches, etc. It always makes us smile. “

  • “This is our cozy meeting corner where we host most of our client meetings. We love sitting in our Eames Wire Chairs (that we found at the Brimfield Antique Show) with faux sheep skin throws. They’re a little warm in the summer, but PERFECT for the cooler winter months.”

  • What is the most challenging part of running your own event planning business?
    I would have to say juggling so many balls at once. At any given time we’re working on a multitude of weddings that are each at different stages of the planning process. On top of each of those we’re usually working on a few specialty events (editorial shoots, birthday parties, etc.) and keeping track of the business side of things, bookkeeping, insurance, and so on. When you own a small business you wear many hats and that can sometimes get overwhelming. But at the end of the day, even when we’re exhausted, we always have a smile on our faces. Guess that’s how you know you’re on the right path.

    “Can you tell we love gold? This corner is one of our faves! So many treasures. We found these killer Duncan Miller glasses and pitcher at the Brimfield Antique Show last year for $20! Then, we slowly added to the gold collection with the DIY Gold Leaf Water Bottles that we made and the amazing vintage lamp we found on Etsy. Love, love, love that lamp! The framed sketch was made for us by the amazing artist Vincent Serritella. Also in this corner is the awesome Industrial Metal Wall Mounted Bookcase from CB2 that is perfect for displaying all our fun nick knacks (which each have a story of their own).”

  • What inspires you? Do you have any favorite magazines or websites you get inspiration from? 
    Like any design driven profession, inspiration is at the heart of what we do. Being in NYC we’re lucky enough to have inspiration around every corner. We draw inspiration from art, fashion, travel, interior design, blogs and magazines. Some of our fave places we turn to for inspiration on a daily basis are Once Wed, Martha Stewart Wedding Magazine, Vogue, Kinfolk, Sweet Thing Blog, and, of course, Glitter Guide.

  • Any advice for those who want to work in the event planning industry? 
    Brush up on your multitasking skills. I would also suggest reaching out to companies you love and inquiring about internships. Often that’s the fastest way to learn the ropes and, potentially, move up in the company.
    “This bookshelf is home to our fave wedding and design publications that we are constantly turning to for inspiration. It also houses our many crafting supplies (hidden neatly away behind closed doors). Along with a variety of chotchkies we’ve curated, our beautiful display cakes, made by our friends at Nine Cakes, are a fun way to add some color and texture to this functional piece. The beautiful “love” graphic on top of the bookshelf was made by one of our past brides and quickly became one of our favorite art pieces.”

  • How do you sparkle? 
    Well, we start with our sparkly “Firefly” sign on the door to our office that greets us every day! From there I think it’s all about a great attitude and remembering that a smile is the best accessory!

  • Valerie

    This is a gorgeous space! The floral arrangements are all A+ and those gold pendant lights…!!!


  • jesssicaa15

    Wondering if you treated the top of your Flatiron table from Resto? I have the same one for our dining table and am constantly worried about watermarks! If so, please share :) #livingincoastercity

  • Stacey B

    What a beautiful space, it must be such a happy place to work and create!



    Five Minute Style

    • Teissia

      Thanks so much @valerielily:disqus and @disqus_IL5ruPDMLp:disqus ! Hi @jesssicaa15:disqus . Great question! We didn’t treat the top of our flat iron table because we’ve heard that even the most basic treatments can alter the look a bit and we didn’t want to risk it. That said, we do a lot of crafting on this table so we’re not that worried about it getting a little weathered. In fact it kinda adds to the character. We have some water marks on the table, but they really blend into the wood grain more than anything :).

  • Lorraine Hernandez

    I love this space because it’s a perfect example of what mixing pieces and styles can achieve, perfect balance of feminine and masculine.


    Great space, functional yet visually appealing. I am sure you are inspired everyday when you walk in the door. Speaking of the door, I love that is magnetic. If your events are anything like your office you are going to need a larger office soon.

    • Teissia

      Thanks @whatisinmyworldcom:disqus! This made my day :)

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  • zuert1983

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  • Katie Wilson

    I love your gold/brass chandeliers! Where are they from??

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