Custom Holiday Gift Cards With Zazzle

The holidays are right around the corner and here at Glitter Guide we get pretty excited about this season! One of our favorite traditions is making our annual holiday cards. This year we partnered with Zazzle to make beautiful custom holiday cards. We’re super picky when it comes to the look and feel of our cards, and we were incredibly impressed with the quality and design options available at Zazzle. We even bought their holiday stamps (the Post Office usually doesn’t cary the trendy and stylish designs we’re looking for). Because our business cards include a minty teal color and gold dots, we decided to use the Gold Glitter Holiday Flat Cards with the Envelopments 5×7 Colored Envelopes in Caspian. You can use any of your own work: photos, artwork, it’s all possible. That’s super important if you want your holiday cards to be unique and special. We couldn’t be happier with how they turned out and we can’t wait to send them off!

Also check out our Holiday Themed Pinterest Board.

Holidays are made for you at Zazzle. Find cards you’ll covet at

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