Shop Talk: Tamar Mogendorff

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Tamar Morgendorff Studio & Home / Photography by Aubrie Pick for Glitter Guide

Tamar Mogendorff is truly one of a kind, and so is her work. Creating original stitch designs in her Brooklyn design studio, Tamar and her “soft sculptures” have caught the attention of interior designers, art collectors, boutiques and Glitter Guide! Tamar gave us a peek inside her amazing studio filled with her original creations, and shared with us her favorite memories, creations and the things that inspire her!

Photography: Aubrie Pick

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  • How and when did your business begin?
    It was something I was doing for fun and as gifts to friends, and then their friends began to ask and so on, and it naturally took off. I began to figure out what to make next. No ‘strategy,’ I just dove in and followed the stitch. I learned a lot in those first years, it was a great journey.


  • What sparked your interest in sewing and making stitch creations?
    I always had a needle and old clothes and fabrics at home. I knew how to sew and came from a creative family, we always made things. While at art school I lived with my friend and we both loved to sit in the kitchen collaging from old magazines and sewing objects and dolls from old clothes. It all comes from the joy of creating something from almost nothing.

  • What is a typical day like for you as an artist and designer?
    I spend a lot of time in the studio — a lot of thought and time goes into my work. It is all handmade. Each piece is one of a kind in a way. While there is a pattern, no two are exactly alike. I was always lucky to have amazing assistants to work with me. Sometimes in the evenings when it is quiet I like to work on new pieces and ideas. I am more creative at night.


  • What are the biggest challenges and rewards of running your own business
    To me the biggest challenge is to reinvent myself every time again and again, while also appreciating pieces that deserve some form of ‘repetition.’ It is about staying relevant to myself. But it is so rewarding to make my own work and realize again and again that people love it and it makes them happy. I enjoy the cross-overs that occur between design, art, imagination and narrative.


  • What has been your favorite moment in your career thus far?
    When I go to someone’s house and see a piece of mine. That is always a favorite moment for me. Recent events have also been inspiring, such as the recent installation at The New York Children’s Museum.


  • Where do you gain inspiration from?
    Almost anything can inspire me it seems — it’s about the right combination of elements, and moments. It’s always about finding new ways to ‘see.’ It can be the most banal thing, or a random moment, or a book I happened to open and get an idea from. Sometimes I feel the need to act in order to get creative — go travel, watch a daring movie, etc. — but most times I am inspired by something totally random, like a conversation or a dream.


  • Is there anything you are looking forward to working on next?
    The group exhibition at The New York Children’s Museum in Soho was a very fun project, it was great to broaden the scale and combinations. I am looking forward to different kinds of projects and collaborations with individuals, institutions and brands. I like the different approaches required in each project.


  • How do you sparkle?
    When I work I sparkle!

  • Molly {Dreams in HD}

    what a beautiful studio and inspiring article.
    thanks for sharing!

    Molly {Dreams in HD}

  • Steph F.

    I love her work, but I have just one question: Is the cat on the table alive?! Please tell me it is.

    • Sarah Braun

      Ha, thought the same thing!

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