Lipstick Lover: Vampy Lip Toolkit

Written by on October 30, 2013 in Beauty, Lipstick Lover - 3 Comments
Lipstick Lover: Vampy Lip Toolkit

Dark and moody lips have found their place in our fall beauty routine! Understandably, they can be a little daunting and plenty of questions can arise. Will the dark color make my lips look smaller? Can I pull it off? Which blush should I pair with this dark shade? Which color will work with my skin tone? Anyone (yes, even you!) can wear a vampy lip. It looks striking on brunettes, blondes and even fiery redheads. Not a believer? Consider this your vampy lip tool kit because we’re demystifying the trend for you so that the only thing you need to worry about is which occasion to wear it at!

A Color Lesson: Fundamentally, a blue-based cool vampy color, these shades will look more purple, looks best on those with cool undertones, like porcelain and fair skinned girls. And a warm vampy color, these will look more brown, looks ideal on those with warm undertones, like olive and golden complexions. With those rules in mind, try a few shades to find the one that works perfectly for your complexion — you should look in the mirror, and see how the shade has magically highlighted all your favorite facial features.

  • Lisa Wong

    Great guide, Erin.

    Another perk of cool-toned vampy lips on cool-toned gals: the lipstick shade makes teeth look whiter.

    • erin

      that’s for certain! it’s like magic!

  • Sylvia

    NARS Train Bleu is my go to. Dark shades in matte formulas are kind of my winter staple, it just looks so chic but also trendy!


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