10 Ways To Add Vaseline To Your Beauty Routine

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10 Ways To Add Vaseline To Your Beauty Routine

When you think of a classic jar of Vaseline, you may only think of relieving your chapped lips. However, we’ve discovered that Vaseline is one of the most versatile products out there. With busy schedules and so many products out on the market, we’re always looking for new ways to reduce our getting ready time and find new uses for the products we already own. We’ve put together ten of the most unique uses for Vaseline that will convince you to start making this 140-year-old product a part of your daily beauty routine!

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  • Grow Lashes
    Applying one coat of Vaseline onto your lashes before bed will help you get enviously long and lush lashes. (image)

  • Stop Nail Polish Lids From Sticking
    Have you retired your favorite nail polish bottle because the cap is stuck? Next time, put a little Vaseline under the cap to make your next manicure a breeze! (image)

  • Whiten Teeth
    Put a little Vaseline on your teeth for a picture perfect smile that will retain a bright white glow! (image)

  • Prevent Spray-Tan Streaks
    To prep for a spray tan, rub Vaseline on the backs of knees, hands and ankles to prevent streaks and tan lines. (image)

  • Make Perfume Stick
    To smell sweet all day long dab a little Vaseline on your wrists and neck to help your perfume from fading. (image)

  • Touch Up Split-Ends
    Rubbing a small dab of Vaseline onto your split ends is the perfect way to touch up between trims! (image)

  • Prevent Hair Dye Stains
    Softly rub Vaseline onto your hairline to keep that boxed hair dye from coloring your skin and leaving those embarrassing hair dye stains around your face. (image)

  • Ease Eyebrow Tweezing
    Tweezing your eyebrows can be painful, but rubbing a little Vaseline on the area before plucking will soften your skin and ease the pain. (image)

  • Update Makeup
    Turn your favorite eye shadow or powder blush into a cream by adding some Vaseline! (image)

  • Remove Eye Makeup
    To remove raccoon eyes after a long night use a swab of Vaseline on a Q-Tip. This will quickly clean up your under eyes! (image)

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