DIY: Beauty Popper Gift

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DIY: Beauty Popper Post

We know and love the traditional Christmas crackers we grew up with. Stuffed with puzzles, plastic figurines and other items you may not have kept for too long. We love the idea of DIY’ing your own version of the table mainstay and stuffing them with a curated selection beauty goodies to dazzle and delight your guests.
Buy travel size beauty faves for the girls and the guys, grab all of the craft supplies at your local craft store (we got ours from Michael’s), and spend an afternoon DIY’ing your very own confetti beauty poppers (we suggest enjoying a festive drink while you prepare, but that’s just our opinion!).
By Erin Gerlach of The Sparkle.


White tissue paper, gold foil paper
Cardboard toilet paper rolls
Double sided tape
Gold confetti (cut your own from the string version)
Sequin ribbon
Cracker noisemakers
Christmas drinks (optional)


1. Lay out two sheets of white tissue paper under the gold foiled paper and cut so that the gold paper extends outside of the white paper. This gives a flash of gold at each end of the popper.
2. Cut the cardboard roll in half to make them break easier at popping time.
3. Fasten the ends of each layer of tissue paper together with double sided tape to avoid slippage.
4. Lay double sided tape on the bottom of the cardboard roll and fasten to the top of the tissue paper. Lay double sided tape on top of the roll, and lay the popper to the top of the roll.
5. Roll the cardboard and popper in the tissue paper, securing the end with double sided tape.
6. Tie off one end of the popper with sequin ribbon, securing with a tight knot, leaving some overhang.
7. Stuff the popper with gold confetti (the more, the better we say!), and then the beauty goodies. Tie off the other end.
Ready for


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