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Home Tour Dara Kent-Cobb of Preston & Olivia / Glitter Guide / Photography by Trent Bailey

We’ve long admired Dara Kent-Cobb for the stylish, glamorous accessories she designs for Preston & Olivia, so we couldn’t wait to get a peek into her New York City home. And her fashionable and functional home definitely did not disappoint. Dara’s style translates perfectly into the home she shares with her husband and dog, and just check out that view!

Photography: Trent Bailey 

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  • How and when did you start Preston & Olivia?
    I always knew that I wanted to start my own business one day, so I signed up for a “Starting Your Own Small Business” class at FIT in the spring of 2010. I thought the class was going to be lecture only and a great opportunity to learn about all things small business. It was all that, but what I didn’t catch in the class description was that participants had to also have an actual business/startup to work on for this class. So I made up Preston & Olivia on the spot the first day of class when we were asked to introduce ourselves and share our businesses. After completing the class, including branding, business plan and all, I created my first collection of bridal headpieces, and the rest is history.

  • “I love my inspiration wall over my workspace. I use it as a reference for hat styles old and new and often times catch myself just staring at the images throughout the day.”

  • What first sparked your interest in fashion and design?
    I can’t remember a time growing up when I wasn’t interested in fashion, styling and fashion photography. I’ve always loved everything about clothes, accessories, etc and can remember being particular about my personal style from a very early age. Studying apparel design was always my dream, though many people tried to discourage me from it saying: “you can’t make any money in fashion.” This wasn’t exactly false advice, as fashion definitely pays less than finance. However, after an incredibly unsuccessful first semester at LSU as a biology major, I decided to follow my true passion of apparel design and moved to NYC after graduation to pursue my career in fashion.

  • What has been the most rewarding aspect of your career so far?
    Seeing first hand that faith, hard work and determination really do pay off in the end. Going from intern to freelance designer to running three businesses from my home with my husband in just over 3 years is something I never imagined possible.

    “My workspace is ever evolving much like my business and my collections. My 2014 mission is to find an art studio so that I will have more space to work and can have a showroom for clients to come see my pieces first hand. “

  • “This Mini Top Hat was one of the first styles I created for my current collection of Fall Hats. It’s a fur Salome hat. I love the simplicity of the design paired with the furry texture and big bow.”

  • “I cannot, for the life of me, pull off a baseball cap, so I created my own version with these fun little pom caps. “

  • How would you describe your décor and overall design aesthetic? Does your home mimic your personal style at all?
    Our home is a little all over the place, but it works. It’s preppy meets modern, meets masculine, meets rustic, with touches of mid century modern and lots of pops of color. And this DEFINITELY mimics my personal style. I prefer clean modern looks with a fashion forward approach, but also feel classic preppy americana style speaks to my soul. My husband and I try to invest in great pieces in our space that we accent with fun patterns, texture and color. The same goes for my choices in clothing.

  •  “I love this photograph of my grandmother so much. It’s from the late 30s when she was a student at LSU. In the picture, she’s wearing my grandfather’s bowler hat and cane, which inspired the current logo for my brand. “

  • Tell us about your biggest splurge and your best bargain in your apartment.
    Our biggest splurge was our Chesterfield couch from Restoration Hardware, and the best bargain was our blue velvet tufted chair we found in the trash pile in our building after someone moved. It was covered in some hideous fabric, so we found the velvet at Zarin Fabrics, had it recovered, bought the claw feet, painted them gold, and voila.

    “One of our favorite finds were these D and T lights from Urban Outfitters. They add so much personality to our living room.”

  • “Our bar cart was another major score all thanks to a friend who also happens to be a prop stylist. We were having a girls night and I happened to share that we were in need of a side table for our new couch but also liked the idea of an old gold metal bar cart. She had two in storage. Mission accomplished. “

  • Where are some of your go-to places to shop for home décor?
    Without a doubt, West Elm and cb2 for all the fun accessories and accents like bedding, pillows, and entertainment pieces that update your space without breaking the bank. I occasionally find lovely handmade items on Etsy, and we always try to find special pieces for our space when we travel.

  • “Lola brings so much joy to our lives and especially the busy work days. She never lets us work too long without breaks; she’ll bring a toy to one of our desks beg us to stop what we are doing and play.”

  • What’s your favorite part about your home?
    I love that our space feels homey even though it’s a small work/live NYC apartment. I feel like our workspaces blend in with the decor of the rest of the space, and when we entertain, our friends always compliment us on how comfortable they feel in our home.

  • ” I would say this picture pretty much sums up our major loves in life: photography, art, and travel. This camera belonged to Trent’s grandmother, so it’s proudly displayed among some of our favorite books. “

  • “Mornings are my meditation time. I usually get up first, make my french press coffee, check emails, and take time to be silent and prepare for the day.”

  • What are your main sources of inspiration for home decor?
    I love seeing real spaces and how people transform them into functional homes whether in person when photographing clients, or in interior magazines and design blogs.

    “Clearly, I love jewelry and I have a thing for layering. These CatBird rings are my favorite as of late. They’re so easy to stack and go and stay in place even when I’m working. I also love layering these Lulu Frost and J. Crew necklaces. I definitely do not have a huge jewelry collection, I find myself drawn to statement pieces that I tend to wear the with everything.”

  • “We couldn’t find small side tables that fit in our bedroom space well, so Trent and his dad made these floating tables that function as both storage and dresser area.”

  • What have you found to be the biggest challenge in decorating your home?
    Balancing work and home. Creating functional workspaces that feel like mini offices (so that we actually get work done daily), while blending them in with the overall decor of our apartment, has been tough because what I do requires a LOT of stuff. Also, because our apartment is technically a studio, there’s no separation from our workspace to living room, so we had to create that with furniture in order to separate home life and work life .

  • “This is another wall of inspiration. This is one of the walls in our bedroom, the collection of alarm clocks seemed appropriate, and all of the images we took on our travels.”

  • “This is fall board is just one of my inspiration boards I keep in my storage unit with all things P&O. I’m always inspired by color, texture, and function. Because my pieces are accessories, I feel they need to be beautiful enough to make the outfit, on-trend enough to complement any look, and classic enough to make them timeless pieces people will want to wear forever.”

  • “I love the rooftop of our building. It’s not the best view in New York, by any means, but it’s definitely a fun spot to go chill out during the day, or have drinks with friends in the evenings.  When the weather’s nice, I like to work here on my laptop.”

  • How do you sparkle?
    Enjoying life, spending time with my husband, Trent, and adorable pup, Lola, staying active daily, traveling often and cherishing time with family and friends. A good cocktail is always an added bonus.

  • Molly {Dreams in HD}

    such a beautifully eclectic home!

    Molly {Dreams in HD}

  • Jessica Rourke

    Love your style Dara!

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  • Bernadette

    love the coffee tables in photo 10.
    does anyone know where they are from?

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