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Home Tour with Cassidy June of O My Darlings / Photography by Studio Castillero / Glitter Guide
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  • Tell us about your blog and how it got started.
    My blog is really just a personal journal with pictures and videos. I started it because I wanted a way to capture stories and adventures with our daughter, something I could show her one day. Once in awhile I’ll do a style or fashion related post, I think it’ll be funny to look back one day and see what I was into. I imagine one day Rylie will be scrolling through and I’ll hear her go “EW mom, I can’t BELIEVE you thought that was cool.”

  • How would you describe your design style?
    Very feminine (shocking I know). I love sequins, feathers, lace, scalloped hemlines and anything gold. I think tutus are appropriate all year round, and would put elbow patches on everything if I could. My home looks a lot like my closet, and thank goodness for my husband who feels man enough to live in my wonderland.

  • “I didn’t want to spend a ton on art, because I feel like my taste and style changes constantly. So what I ended up doing was buying some wallpaper (this one, from Anthropologie, is currently sold out) and framing it. This way, I can change it out whenever I want!”

  • What item in your house did you splurge on? And what was your biggest bargain?
    My husband really let me go wild in decorating, and all he really cares about is comfort. So our Jayson Home couch was our biggest splurge. It’s one of those “melt into it and can’t get up” kind of couches. Sometimes I get an idea of exactly what I want, and can’t find it anywhere, or at least for a reasonable price. I knew I wanted gold dipped barstools, and since I couldn’t find them I decided to make them. I got the barstools from Walmart, and a can of gold spray paint got the job done.

  • “I love mixing old with new in our home, like this vintage pink globe and typewriter.”

  • What has been your favorite experience so far since you started blogging?
    Connecting. It has been so fun to connect with other bloggers and creative souls out there. Taylor Sterling has become a close friend, and we have Instagram to thank for our friendship! Also, a few months ago I was pregnant and we lost the baby. I took a leap of faith and blogged about that tough experience, and had the opportunity to hear so many stories of loss and hope. Those types of losses can be so silent, and it was special for me to have that pregnancy recognized and shared in the blogging community.

  • Gold Piggy Bank

  • Where do you find inspiration? 
    I commute to school, so I have LOTS of time to just sit and think. Lots of inspiration comes during those long car rides! I definitely find inspiration in other mamas and bloggers too. Some of my favorites to follow are Kelli MurrayNaomi DavisJoy ChoTori HendrixJames Mccoy, my sister from another mister (my cousin) Nikki Kinowski, and of course…Glitter Guide. 😉

  • Has your style, at home and in fashion, changed since you became a mom?
    Oh yes. Being a mom and full time PhD student means my high heels and sequins only come out for special occasions, and comfort is now key. My mama uniform usually consists of a good pair of sweats and a sock bun. Although, we will bring out the tutus every once in awhile for an impromptu dance party. Our home has morphed into a giant playroom, and we have something to play with and/or explore in every room. I try to find stylish ways to store all of those less than aesthetically pleasing toys, and find or make toys that are pretty enough to be laying around even when it’s not playtime.

  • Electric Love Dreamcatcher

  • “People often ask me how the heck I have so much white in my house with a toddler. Truth is, she is cleaner and more careful than I am. I am sure our next child will be a dirt loving bulldozer, but while Rylie loves to play in the dirt, she loves cleaning her hands even more.”

  • “As a full time PhD student and mom, I can promise you this type of “pleasure reading” does not happen in real life.”

  • Bedding and gold polka dot pillows: Anthropologie / Rug: Joss and Main.

  • “We really restrict screen time in our house, but one of her favorite things to do is scroll through pictures and videos I’ve taken of her. I love putting together little movies of my iPhone videos set to music and sharing them with her. She gets a kick out of it.”

  • “I’m a firm believer in sequins and sweatpants. These sequin pants (old) from Calypso St. Barth have a drawstring and are so comfortable, making a happy marriage between two of my favorite things.”

  • “Some clothes are just too pretty to be hidden in a closet. This clothing rack displays some of my favorites.”

  • Cocoa and Hearts Painting by Jen Ramos / Object Enthusiast gold leaf vase from Lone Flag

    My cousin Nikki just started selling floral crowns. My favorite of hers rests on my collection of Jane Austen books.”

  • “Bless my husband, who feels man enough to live in my girly wonderland with me.”

  • What’s your favorite part of your home?
    Our bedroom for sure. It totally reflects my style, and I love spending those rare lazy mornings in bed reading books with my husband and daughter.

  •    Gold “holla” sign”

    “This antique campaign desk used to be orange! My husband painted it (Dunn Edwards “Tropical Kelp”) for me.”  


  • “Mistakes happen, which is why I loved this “oops” eraser I found at a little paper store in my neighborhood.”

  • “After all the hard work to get this desk perfect, I find that I do most of my work at the dining room table. Oh well, it’s still candy for my eyes!”

  • How do you sparkle?
    Being a mama can be tough, so is being in a classroom with no windows all day! It can be easy to lose your sparkle. I make a conscious effort to find sparkle everyday, whether it’s by pairing a sequin sweater with my sweatpants, or having a glitter glue art project with my daughter in our backyard. I always make sure to find that everyday sparkle. One of my favorite mantras is “Mix Business with Pretty!”

  • Karen A

    Such a pretty home. I’m in love with the teepee and I love how much gold she has in her home. You can never go wrong with gold!

  • Kendall A

    Where in the world can I find those amazing gold leggings?

  • Monika Hibbs

    LOVE everything about this!!!

    So love seeing our Gold Polka Dot PARTYSKIRT!!

    Mon xo

  • Andrea

    I’m a big fan of the white and clean decor!! Love it!

    Andrea Fer

    • otro_invitado

      Woww. Andrea …..también sabes la totacha del inglés., very good pretty woman ! ..saluditos pues guapa !!!

  • Whitney Tawney

    I love the framing of wallpaper as art. This is something I’ve contemplated for years but haven’t done… Definitely Thinking about it more now.

  • Stephenie

    Love the gold Merci card, where did you find that? Thank you, x

  • Stacia

    Such a lovely style!

  • Jennifer Lippi

    Love the white playhouse. It is the perfect size. My daughters would love it! Your home is beautiful and a wonderful reflection of your personal style1

  • Abby Bird

    Such beautiful ladies, inside and out!

  • Lindsay

    Love ! So feminine

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  • Nicola

    I have been looking for the vase in picture 10 for hours/weeks!! Please can you let me know where you found it? It is simply magical!!! Thank you x

    • Omydarlings

      Hi! The one on the right?? It is from z gallerie :)

      • Nicola

        Wonderful – thanks so much. x

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  • Delaney

    Love this home! Please oh please tell me where you got your living room rug! I’ve been looking for one like it for ages!

    • MM

      Ditto! Pleas share details!

  • lcochran84

    Where did you find the little owl vase? I love it!

  • Roxanne


  • Kayte Demont (massmusings)

    This is so amazing! I’m loving all of the little details :)

  • Mardi

    Beautiful home! Do you mind telling me where you purchased the dream catcher above the chimney?

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  • Kalie

    Where did you get all you furniture, table decors, and chair for the bedroom?
    Please help
    Ps. Where did you get you clothes on the clothing rack?

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