3 Holiday Hair Styles To Try


Last week Jess shared a quick and easy holiday makeup tutorial, and this week she’s back with a few festive hairstyles to try this weekend and next week! They all start with her glam waves tutorial (which is a lot easier than it looks) and just require a little patience and hairspray!

Photos: Chelsea Cederborg[/tps_header]
Glam Waves

1.5″ curling iron
Hair spray
Shine spray

1. Section your blow dryed hair using a clip.
2. Split the section in half, start from the back and work forward curling away from the face.
3. Gently finger through your curls after you complete the bottom layer of your hair.
4. Pull down the next layer of hair and repeat the same process.
5. Run your fingers through all of your curls to gently pull them out.
6. Spray with hair spray + shine spray.

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Author: Caitlin Kruse

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