Recipe File: Italian Meatball Cookies

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Continuing our holiday cookie swap, we have Cyd from The Sweetest Occasion sharing her quintessential Christmas cookie: ganache-topped Italian meatball cookies! We can’t wait to try out these semi-sweet cookies this year, and we love that they take their name from the savory meatballs they resemble!

“As a kid I remember the weekends leading up to Christmas as being full of cookie baking, ornament crafting and gift wrapping. And let me tell you, our cookie baking parties were legendary — the foundation on which little kid Christmas memories are built. My mother and my aunts would gather all of us kids together, roll up our little sleeves and encourage us to get elbow deep in flour, butter and sugar. Every family has their traditional cast of cookie characters, the star of which was always Italian meatball cookies in our family. The cookie itself is semi-sweet with a subtle touch of spice from the cinnamon, cloves and rum. Topped with dark chocolate ganache, they’re as close to Christmas cookie perfection as anything I’ve ever tasted. This recipe has been in heavy rotation in our family for decades, passed down on neatly penned index cards stained with years of splattered batter and chocolate.”

Head over to The Sweetest Occasion for the full recipe and insructions!

  • Andrea

    What I like most is the tradition, as noted by the author above. Memories make life sweet :)

    Andrea Fer

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