How To Style A Disco Ball


Anything that sparkles and shines as much as a classic disco ball is sure to catch our eyes here at Glitter Guide, but it can be difficult to find ways to actually style the glittery staple in your home. Luckily, Cassidy from O My Darlings is here to share several ways to style disco balls in any home!
“There’s something about a new year that just invites a little sparkle, and what sparkles more than a disco ball?! Nikki and I got together for a fun little photo shoot and came up with several ways to style a disco ball for your next event or everyday in your home. Now get off your booty, follow the call of the disco ball, find yourself a “dance floor,” and sparkle your way into 2014!” Cassidy

Photos: Nikki Kinowski

Styling & Production: Cassidy June of O My Darlings
Disco balls from Party City and Amazon


Table Top: Here’s a fun way to style those small and medium disco balls at your next glam dinner party. We also used some mini disco balls in the floral arrangement. I’ll be keeping this table top set-up past the new year!
World Market Silver branch candle holder /World Market gold taper candles
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Author: Caitlin Kruse

  • Eeeee…!!! this is amazing!! Mainly because being nicknamed discodavo, I will be having a lot of featured disco balls at our wedding in May and this has given me amazing ideas for the table!! I am off to buy a sparkly New Years outfit today and you have got me right in the mood! PS I heart that print, shame it was a one off (the lady won’t re create, I emailed her months ago… ) Amazing feature – thank you! xx

  • Pls can I just ask where you found the mini disco balls as I have been looking for aaaaages (for escort cards) but love the idea of wrapping cutlery with them. Thank you so much!!! Currently bought some gold sequin baubles to try and re create this look… but real mini disco balls will be SO much better!! Thanks!!!!

  • I can’t get over how perfect it all is! Makes me want to throw a party RIGHT NOW! :)

    <3 Pierce

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