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Shop Talk: Vonbon / Photography Gillian Stevens / Glitter Guide

Now that our own Taylor Sterling has a brand new baby girl, we’ve been on the lookout for the best and brightest in children’s products. And the organic, hip offerings at VONBON immediately caught our attention. Jennifer Wilson, the creator of VONBON, invited us to the office to give us a peek behind the scenes of one of the coolest baby lines around!

Photography: Gillian Stevens

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  • How and when did VONBON get started?
    The entire process has been very organic. It all started with the name. My husband and I had been talking about baby names (which is fun to do when you are married and don’t have kids!) and we fell in love with “Vaughn” for either a boy or girl. I thought “vonbon’ could be a cute nickname for our future babe, and then quickly realized that it would make a fabulous children’s clothing label. I jumped on the idea, launched VONBON on May 1st, 2013 and haven’t looked back!

  • What is your favorite part of your office?
    The gallery wall. It’s one of those things that is ever changing and evolving. It’s almost like throw pillows, you can easily change out the prints each season to give you a whole new look! My favorite part is that I have included some of my favorite prints and artwork from other local female entrepreneurs that I have met and connected with.

    Cake for Breakfast “So kiss me” acrylic paintingKardz Kouture Silver Foil HeartsMulberry Press Co. ‘Oh Baby’ Print




  • What sparked your interest in the baby clothing business?
    It seemed that many of my friend’s and family where starting their own families and I was constantly shopping for baby gifts. It always seemed difficult to find baby wear that was organic and represented my modern style and taste. I learned to sew in high school and have taken on many sewing projects over the years, so I knew with a little practice I could design and create my own line. I borrowed my mother’s serger and started sewing!

  • “Each of our orders is delivered in our hand stitched kraft bags and a 100% recycled kraft paper mailer. Using sustainable and eco-friendly methods are important to us and our brand.”


  • What is the inspiration behind your brand?
    Simple. Stylish. Sophisticated.

    Most children’s wear uses bright color palettes and cartoon/animal themed images. I wanted to create a line that represented my style using muted color palettes and neutral tones. Fabrics that I wouldn’t mind laying all over my home, because let’s get real, that’s exactly what happens when you have kids!

  • You’re located in Vancouver, BC. What is your favorite part of running a business from Vancouver?
    Since the launch of VONBON, I have met and connected with so many other inspiring female entrepreneurs in Vancity. I have created a strong network of like-minded young women who are all trying to grow their businesses and are all there to support one another in any way they can. It has been so empowering for me, and something I never dreamed I would get out of starting my own business here in Vancouver.

    Whistle & Flute Pullover


  • “My pinboard hosts a collection of our current fabric samples, sweet customer thank you notes and inspiring images collected from magazines.”

  • “This corner brings me such peace and happiness, with an all white color scheme including fresh blooms to brighten the day.”

    Ikea white magazine filesKarlsson Twin Bell Alarm ClockWhite picture frameWashi tape and heart stickers


  • What has been your favorite moment so far since launching VONBON?
    What really comes to mind is the time I have gotten to spend with my sister, Kristin. She is a web and graphic designer (Studio 86 Creative Design) and has been with me since day one, helping me to create everything from our logo, branding, packaging, website and fabric patterns.

  • “I have had a hand in every aspect of creating my brand, including our logo. I actually hand drew the “bon” and Kristin incorporated it with another font we loved.”

  • What makes VONBON stand out from other brands?
    VONBON has a style and sophistication that sets us apart. We value all the little details and are proud to create quality organic cotton products that are designed and handmade within Canada using only North American made textiles.

  • How do you sparkle?
    By choosing to be happy and grateful each and every day!

  • Garcy

    This girl and her creations rock the casbah! So hip and so chic!

  • Wise Brunette

    So inspiring! I love her workspace!

  • Ashleigh @ Jolie Jouel

    I love Vonbon! So cool to see where all the magic happens 😉 ~ ashleigh

  • arin

    such an inspiration, could get lost in those prints!

  • Becky Miller

    What a great space to work in. Love the designs.

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