Our Valentine’s Day Wishlist

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Our Valentine's Day Wishlist

Sparkly jewelry and luxe perfumes may be traditional Valentine’s Day wishlist items, but as much as we love them, receiving a fancy little box isn’t the only way to celebrate love! Sweet and simple items for a romantic evening spent at home, shiny trinkets that fit our tastes perfectly and heart-embellished apparel all earn a place at the top of our wishlist. Whether you’re shopping for your partner, sister or best friend, we’ve got a few suggestions for the perfect present to say, “Will you be my Valentine?”

1. Gilligan O’Malley Women’s Satin Pajama Set, Target ($14.99): Valentine’s Day means your normal pajamas deserve an upgrade!
2. Elderflower and Rose Presse, Terraine ($10): Indulge in a yummy (and pink!) beverage while you relax with your loved one.
3. Love Body Oil, Mermaid Perfume ($70): Irresistible perfume will up the romance factor on your relaxed night in.
4. Lipstick in Sequin, Aerin ($30): If there’s one day a year when there’s no excuse for skipping lipstick, it’s Valentine’s Day! We like this classic shade from Aerin.
5. Love To Love You Print, Rachillustrates ($28.05): A hand-lettered print is a great way to say “I love you,” and it’s more permanent than a card!
6. Sugar Paper Letterpress Heart Note Set, J.Crew ($18): Give handwritten love notes to your pals, or gift them a stationery set to use themselves!
7. Block Heart Ring, Baublebar ($24):  A delicate, heart-shaped ring is the perfect Valentine’s Day accessory.
8. Je T’Aime Intarsia Colorblock Sweater, C.Wonder ($88): A cute sweater for getting into a sweet and loving mood!
9. Midsize Face Cosmetic Pouch, Forever 21 ($5.80): If hearts are a little saccharine for your taste, why not embrace the Valentine’s Day theme with a lip motif?
10. Everly Suede Pumps in Berry, J.Crew ($245): Hot pink pumps are good for any day of the year!

  • Nicola

    ooh that lipstick looks yummy x Question: I have just moved to the states and have just started a new job. I am working with 3 lovely ladies and was thinking of getting them something for Val day (only because my perception is that culturally, thats what you do in the USA!) I was thinking a bag of Lindt chocs or something like that… what do you think?!

    • Caitlin

      Nicola, that sounds like a great idea :)

    • Caitlin

      Nicola, that sounds like a great idea :)

  • Jen

    Sugar Paper can do no wrong! Love that stationary :)


    ^bold brow tips on the blog today

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