DIY: Floral Heart Wreath

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DIY Floral Heart Wreath

Today we are excited to have Michaela back on Glitter Guide sharing her adorable heart wreath DIY!

We all know and love the flower crown, but for Valentine’s Day I wanted to switch it up and take a familiar and pretty accessory and turn it into something for your home. Today I’m showing you how to create a flower heart wreath, just in time for Valentine’s Day!”

Photos and Styling: Michaela Noelle Designs

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  • Materials:
    Heavy floral wire (mine is brown, but you could also use green)
    Thin floral wire to secure the blooms to the wreath
    Wire cutters

  • Flowers:
    Anemones, Eucalyptus, and Lily of the Valley

  • Step 1: Create the heart shape with your heavy floral wire. Mold the shape with one strand of wire, then take another strand of wire, wrapping it around the first strand. This will provide more stability to the wreath.

  • Step 2: Start with your “base” flower. I used Eucalyptus plant to begin my base.

  • Just place your plant on the floral wire, cut a small piece (about 1.5″ long) of your thin floral wire and wrap the thin wire around the plant and the thick floral wire. This will secure it to the heart shape wire.

  • Step 3: Add in the second “base” flower. I used Lily of the Valley. Doing the same thing as you did for Step 2, just place your flowers over the heart shape wire and secure using your thin floral wire.

  • Step 4: Secure your main bloom to the wreath by repeating Steps 2 and 3. I used one of my favorite flowers here — anemones! The red color is perfect for this holiday.

  • Step 5: Put a nail in the wall and hang your wreath easily from the wire form. If this doesn’t work, just attach a small piece of wire or ribbon to the back of the wreath and hang from that.

  • Voila! A simple and festive heart shaped wreath to brighten up your February!

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