Shop Talk: Jane Pope Jewelry

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Shop Talk: Jane Pope Jewelry

Jane Pope infuses a sense of individuality and imperfection into all of her jewelry designs, that remind us every day that the quirks within each of us are what make us special. We adore the amazingly chic pieces Jane creates for her jewelry line, but even more than that, we are in awe of her spirit and the way she has overcome the medical difficulties she has faced within the past year. So when we got the chance to speak with Jane and get a look at her studio, we knew we were going to experience something spectacular.

Photography: Carroll Foster

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  • How and when did Jane Pope Jewelry get started?
    After 6 years of designing costume jewelry, I became increasingly interested in a transition into fine jewelry. I went back to school and studied both fine jewelry design and fabrication. I launched my Jane Pope Jewelry Collection in  2007. I love what I do and learn more every day.

  • “I love this painting by my dad’s cousin above my desk.  She was an eccentric sort and painted lots of self-portraits like the one here.”

    What sparked your interest in the jewelry business?
    I was interested in art and always very creative, but had a strong business mind. I loved fashion, but knew fabrics were not my medium. I just started piddling with jewelry after college, because I loved jewelry, and I gave it 6 months to see if I could make it as a business. It has been 13 years, and I am still evolving and loving that I chose jewelry as my creative outlet.

  • What is the inspiration behind your brand?
    The brand is very simple, imperfect, organic. I am inspired by everything I come in contact with, whether it is a texture of something, a silhouette or a color. I am constantly inspired. I am taking a trip to Tulum, Mexico in March, and I look forward to what will come from my travels!

  • “I use rocks and wood I found on a trip to Santa Barbara to display my work, since there are a lot of organic textures.”

    You’re located in Spartanburg, SC. What is your favorite part of running a business from South Carolina?
    My studio! It is incredible: light, bright, white… the perfect palette for design. I am not sure I would be able to have this amazing space in another city, so I am really enjoying it.  I have taken my business all over, from Charlotte to LA, Charleston, NYC and even DC. I am lucky that I can do what I love from so many cities.

  • What are your favorite parts of your office?
    My collection of art. I have  some of my favorite artists on the walls of my studio: Sally King Benedict, Way Way Allen, Anne Keane, Beverly Buchanan, Robert Kennedy and Lulie Wallace. I am currently dreaming of a Katie Long Stevenson, Cindy D’anotni and Sarah Boyts Yoder to add to my collection. I also love my work bench. I finally have it organized, and it makes for a perfect space to create.

  • “It is really great to finally have a beautiful, and organized space to create!”  


  • What makes Jane Pope Jewelry stand out from other brands?
    JPJ has an organic, imperfect quality that makes it feel really special.

  • What’s your favorite type of jewelry to make (i.e. bracelets, necklaces, rings)?
    Oh that changes daily. It’s not about what type of piece I am working on, but what specific piece am I working on. I do a lot of custom work, which I really enjoy.

  • “I love my mood board.  Instead of changing it up completely, I just pile more material on top, so it is forever evolving.”


  • What has been your favorite moment so far since launching Jane Pope and Balboa Collections?
    There have been so many highlights over the past 13 years. I was featured in Vogue, I had jewelry on the red carpet at the Emmy’s and now, a feature on Glitter Guide!

  • How do you sparkle?
    Besides with my favorite JPJ pieces?  I had a really tough medical situation a little over a year ago (for more on that, check out my blog post “One Year Ago Today”).  I came out of the experience with amazing perspective. Although, I would have been happy to skip the brain tumor, I don’t think that you can get perspective like I have without going through something like this. My outlook on life and thankfulness for every moment is how I sparkle!

  • The Office Stylist

    Such a cute shop!


    -Sayeh, The Office Stylist

  • Emily Lott

    I’m from Columbia, SC and I had heard of Jane Pope Jewelry, but had no clue she was in Spartanburg! Love seeing SC represented!


  • Lindsay Van Cleave

    Great story and gorgeous jewelry! I also design costume jewelry and have been thinking about learning about fine jewelry. Good to see someone who has done it successfully.

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