DIY: Lip Print Paper 3 Ways


If you follow us on Pinterest or Instagram, you may know about our slight obsession for all things lip print. And with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, Caitlin decided it was about time we had a little fun with making our own lipstick prints! This DIY is so easy, and once you make the paper you can use it for a ton of different projects. Today we are sharing how to use it as an envelope liner, gift wrap + flower packaging. So grab your favorite shades of pink and red, some paper and get to work!!

Photography: Kate Ann Photography
Styling + DIY: Caitlin Moran of Glitter Guide

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White printer paper
Lipstick in various shades of pink and red
Makeup remover wipes
Double sided tape
Velvet ribbon

Lip Print Paper Directions
1. Apply lipstick to your lips (use a few layers) and gently kiss the paper. Remove lipstick with a makeup wipe between colors and have fun playing around with different color combinations and over lapping on the paper.
2. Scan your completed lip print paper and then print off several copies in color.

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Author: Caitlin Kruse

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