Q&A: Laura Dro Designs

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Q&A: Laura Dro Designs

We’re suckers for colorful prints and patterns, so when we saw artist Laura Dro‘s eclectic and cheerful work we were smitten. A lifelong artist, Laura spent time working various creative jobs before founding her own company, Laura Dro Designs, and launching seasonal lines of her colorful products. With its tropical flowers and eye-catching hues, there’s something about Laura’s work that just makes us smile! Fortunately, between the prints, original paintings, and monogrammed Lucite trays available from Laura Dro Designs, incorporating her bright and playful aesthetic into your home is a snap. During our Q&A session with Laura, she provided plenty of insights about the behind-the-scenes aspects of her business, and her artistic inspirations.

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  • When did you start Laura Dro Designs? 
    Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to grow up to be an “artist.” I’ve never been able to put down the paintbrush and I’m still that way! After a lifetime of creating all types of artwork and experimenting with various medias and working various jobs in the art industry, I finally honed in on what I wanted my artwork and brand to stand for in 2009 and that is when I decided to launch Laura Dro Designs.

    What inspired you to launch your own business?
    The inspiration for my artwork has always been centered around creating fresh, vibrant and eclectic work. I felt that I had something new and different to bring to the art world. I put so much passion and energy into every piece that I do, and I wanted to share that with as many people out there as I could. I am constantly producing new collections of artwork, prints and patterns with the hopes that I can continue to expand and grow, so I can bring color and vibrancy to everyone!

  • We love how colorful and happy your work is! What inspires your paintings?
    I love hearing that! I am definitely drawn to happy, bright and eclectic colors and images. I think this is from growing up in Florida and loving the summer time and beach so much. I put a lot of thought into each painting beforehand. I try to imagine it already hanging on someone’s wall and think of the colors and mood that they would want to see everyday. I’m also inspired by all the beautiful home décor I see. There are so many creative interior designers out there and I am always in awe of their work. I just try to create artwork and products that will be great compliments to all of the other beautiful home décor that exists.

  • What’s a typical work day like for you?
    I am involved in so many different projects so every day is completely different, which works well for me! I try to split my week into sections to hit on the many projects I have in any given week. I allocate time to keep my business afloat, time to meet with clients and potential future clients and plenty of time for the fun part of creating new, fresh artwork! The key for me is to not force my artwork, I have to feel inspired and creative before jumping into a new project. There are days that were meant to be more business-related days that turn into art days because I wake up and feel a great sense of inspiration from something. In the end, I love being able to bounce around from creating to selling to collaborating with clients, it keeps me on my feet and filled with new ideas!

  • What was it like transitioning from doing artwork to offering products as well? What spurred you to make that jump?
    It was something that I had planned on doing from day one but it was important for me to get my brand and style clearly defined before doing so. Once I felt like I was there, the transition to offering products was very natural for me because I felt like I found the perfect product to start with. The Lucite Trays allowed me to use my own artwork while providing a functional and fun product to people! The Lucite Trays are just the beginning for me when it comes to offering products, so stay tuned!

  • As an artist, what is it like also dealing with the business aspect of your job? 
    That is something every creative person struggles with, including myself. It took me a long time to figure out how to turn my passion into a business. The key for me was to take it slow. I always knew that if I rushed into it that it could result in a disaster. My heart wanted to launch new products a long time ago, but my mind knew that I needed to work through all of the details before doing so. I took my time, created my brand and found the perfect product to start with.

    Do you have any advice for fellow creative entrepreneurs?
    Take everything you do as a learning experience, don’t ever get discouraged. My best advice is be original, be persistent, and be in love with what you do! When others see and feel that, they fall in love with what you have to offer as well!

  • What do you consider your biggest success or most exciting moment so far with Laura Dro Designs?
    Having the opportunity to be featured on Glitter Guide is right at the top of the list! The other recent exciting news for me is that a company that I design for, called Bucketfeet, will be selling shoes with my designs on them at Nordstrom! Still jumping up and down about that one! Also, I am very excited about my upcoming fabric line with Camelot Cottons and can’t wait until it’s in stores! I find joy in being able to do what I love, so for me, everything is a success, from being mentioned on a blog, to the sale of a painting or landing a new licensing contract.


  • Can you share any upcoming plans or projects?
    The biggest project I’ve been working on is keeping up with my store, and making more original paintings and prints. I think it’s very important for an artist to constantly create new work and try new things. I’m loving the collection of Lucite Trays that I have available right now and am excited to release the spring and summer collections soon!

  • What has been the most rewarding part of starting your business?
    The most rewarding part for me is knowing that I can make a living off of what I truly love to do. I pinch myself everyday. I feel so lucky that I was able to pursue my true passion and make a business out of it. It is very rewarding to think about all of the obstacles and roadblocks that have been in my way throughout my career, and how I have been able to get through them because I always knew this is what I was meant to do.

    How do you sparkle?
    This was a hard question for me to write about myself, so I wanted to ask my husband what he thought makes me sparkle and he said… “Laura always sparkles. She sparkles when she lets her imagination run wild while creating new artwork. I have such a tremendous amount of respect for Laura that she chose a profession that she is truly passionate about. She produces art with the intention of bringing the same amount of joy and happiness to others that she gets when she produces it!” Aw, isn’t he sweet?!

  • Kate

    These prints are awesome! Love the colors!

    xx Kate

  • Allison
  • http://www.thedesigndaredevil.com/ Jessie D. Miller

    Such happy and pretty work, cheers me up after looking at constant snow. Also, being a former cheerleader, I can’t pass up a monogram!

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