Glitter Girl: Cloe Lane Of Bon Puf

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Glitter Girl: Cloe Lane Of Bon Pouf/Kimberly Genevieve Photography

If you’re anything like us, when you think of carnivals and amusement parks, you think of cotton candy! But now that we’ve grown up and developed a sophisticated palette, our favorite childhood treat seems less magical, right? Not if you’ve heard of Bon Puf, the Los Angeles cotton candy cart spinning up gourmet clouds of the classic carnival staple. Forget ordering a cone of “blue” flavored cotton candy, Bon Puf founder Cloe Lane uses quality ingredients and fun toppings to serve up signature flavors like Honey Rose and Mango Chili. We chatted with Cloe about running her innovative business, and the inspiration behind Bon Puf, so get ready to crave an old-fashioned cotton candy sugar-high.

Photography: Kimberly Genevieve
Hair: Stefanie Cuesta
Makeup: Katy Holland
Styling: Lenny Rose
Clothing: Ruche

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  • Can you tell us about Bon Puf?
    Bon Puf is all about putting a modern spin on the classic cotton candy confection: good ingredients, yummy flavors, whimsy and fun times.

  • Where did you get the idea to start a cotton candy cart/what made you want to start your business?
    I grew up in Los Angeles so whenever I went to Disneyland, the Santa Monica Pier or a Dodgers game I always knew exactly what treat I was going to get — cotton candy of course! Flash-forward to the year I graduated high school, and I took some time off to travel, work, and think about what I wanted my next endeavor to be. Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs (and foodies) I knew I wanted to start my own creative business, so why not reinvent my favorite childhood treat and create a cotton candy catering business. The idea just blossomed from there and I started working to source interesting, organic flavors and experiment with delicious combinations. I also had the idea to sprinkle edible glitter on top of my pufs to make them extra sparkly…this lead to developing all kinds of toppings for my cotton candy, some quite unexpected. One of my most popular flavors is mango cotton candy topped with chili powder. People also love my “Pop Puf” which is topped with Pop Rocks! It’s amazing how my toppings add a fun twist to the whole cotton candy experience. When starting Bon Puf, it was also important to me that my branding be beautiful, clean and modern, and that my ingredients be all-natural and organic. It was this mindset that helped set me apart from cotton candy found at the fair and other vendors around town. The first opportunity I had to share my cotton candy was at Unique LA’s last summer show. It was such a fun experience! I received such a great response that weekend and sold hundreds of pufs. The very next week I began getting inquires for photo shoots, parties and collaborations. There was no turning back at that point!

  • How would you describe your personal style?
    Eclectic, colorful, casual! I am very much a California girl, and I am most comfortable in cutoffs and embroidered tops. However, I can’t show up to most events dressed like that! Bon Puf has helped me to see fashion in a new light, and to use my personal style to complement my product in a professional yet fun way. My cotton candy cart is like one big accessory so when I am off to work I go for cute, simple dresses, vintage tops, cropped cardigans and lots of adornments!

  • What inspires your personal style?
    My style inspiration comes from many sources. However, one constant source of inspiration has been my grandma! She has always had such a great sense of style through every era: cute bikinis, floral patterns, colorful shift dresses, graphic tees, faded denim, bell bottoms, silk scarves and warm hues. My grandmother was a model in the ’60s, so her portfolio is filled with amazing images of her in mod get ups, but the photos I love most are found in the family albums. From her travels around the world to her everyday wear, she has always been so stylish. Ever since I was little I have been in awe of her.

  • What are your favorite things to do for Valentine’s Day?
    To avoid the crowds, my family and I go to Ikea on Valentines Day to shop around and get Swedish meatballs! We always end up leaving with way more stuff then we actually need, but it is a fun outing and we are happy to be together.

  • Obviously you like sweets, what’s your favorite Valentine’s Day candy?
    Oh Conversation Hearts for sure!

  • How do you sparkle?
    Figuratively sparkle: Kindness is key! That’s my motto. Being friendly, loving others and wearing a bright smile go a long way. With this attitude it’s easy to shine! Literally sparkle: Lustre by lush is like magic sunshine dust. It keeps you glowing all year round.

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