Glitter Girl: Cloe Lane Of Bon Puf


If you’re anything like us, when you think of carnivals and amusement parks, you think of cotton candy! But now that we’ve grown up and developed a sophisticated palette, our favorite childhood treat seems less magical, right? Not if you’ve heard of Bon Puf, the Los Angeles cotton candy cart spinning up gourmet clouds of the classic carnival staple. Forget ordering a cone of “blue” flavored cotton candy, Bon Puf founder Cloe Lane uses quality ingredients and fun toppings to serve up signature flavors like Honey Rose and Mango Chili. We chatted with Cloe about running her innovative business, and the inspiration behind Bon Puf, so get ready to crave an old-fashioned cotton candy sugar-high.

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Photography: Kimberly Genevieve
Hair: Stefanie Cuesta
Makeup: Katy Holland
Styling: Lenny Rose
Clothing: Ruche[/tps_header]

Can you tell us about Bon Puf?
Bon Puf is all about putting a modern spin on the classic cotton candy confection: good ingredients, yummy flavors, whimsy and fun times.

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Author: Caitlin Kruse

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