An Afternoon With PARTYSKIRTS x SHOPbyMonika

Written by on February 11, 2014 in Entertaining, Lifestyle - 14 Comments

We can’t resist a great party, and SHOPbyMonika and SKOT play on that temptation like no one else! At SHOPbyMonika, Monika Hibbs of The Doctor’s Closet has successfully created a haven of wishlist-worthy goodies based on her own list of favorites, from playful home goods to flirty party outfits that make perfect gifts for the sweetest gals in your life! At the top of our must-haves is the swingy PARTYSKIRT, by SKOT. According to Monika, “My love for PARTYSKIRTS and my favorite sister duo gave me no choice but to also include their fabulous PARTYSKIRT! We started off with a collaboration of the gold polka dot PARTYSKIRT, which sold out in minutes. There is never a dull moment with those two! ”

Luckily, there are plenty more classic and colorful options available directly through SKOT, another party-loving brand that is a result of founders Lauren and Mariel Armstrong’s ability to make everyday celebratory. Lauren and Mariel created the PARTYSKIRT to fill a gap in their own party-ready wardrobes, and their outfits were such a hit that they began making custom versions for friends — the rest is history. To celebrate Valentine’s Day, SHOPbyMonika and SKOT teamed up to create a bash that will have you daydreaming about the perfect February 14th!

Photographed by Jamie Lauren Photography
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