How To Get Out Of A Winter Rut

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How To Get Out Of A Winter Rut

Love is in the air this month. It’s being thrown at us from all angles with fast-approaching Valentine’s Day around the corner. But in most cases, we’re told to profess our love for our husbands, girlfriends, partners, wives, husbands, boyfriends and children. And as much as we love doting on others, we love treating ourselves too, and this time of year we  have yet to see a Hallmark card that says “I love me!” until now!

So take these last few cold months of winter as an opportunity to appreciate, love and treat yourself –and get out of that winter rut.

We’ve put together a 3 month program that will have you feeling the love by the time the tulips start blooming and the snow starts melting!

By Julia of Lemon Stripes
Photos by Rebecca Dale

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  • Month 1: Love your body
    – Every morning this month, look in the mirror, smile and appreciate one thing that you love about your body. It can be anything from “I love how strong my arms are” to “My butt looks fabulous today.” This might feel silly but it will put you in a better mood for the rest of the day.
    – Book yourself a massage. It doesn’t have to be a fancy or lavish affair. You can even go to the local nail salon and get a 10 minute back rub. A full spa day would be pretty great though!
    – Commit an hour each week to doing a fun new work out. You can take free yoga classes online, attend a cycling class, go for a jog with a friend, or even dance in your underwear!

  • Month 2: Treat Yourself
    – You know that one thing that you’ve been coveting for the last few months? Perhaps it’s a new pair of luxurious sheets or a red hot lipstick that makes you feel sexy, or maybe it’s a puppy, who knows! Go ahead and buy it. If you can’t afford it, make a plan for saving enough money so that you can buy it in the next month or two.
    – Buy yourself a bouquet of your favorite flowers every week. Make sure to change the water and trim the stems daily to keep them alive longer.

  • Month 3: Feel beautiful
    – Every day this month, start your mornings by appreciating one thing that you love about your face. It’s basically the same drill as week one. It can be anything from “My, what wonderful eyebrows I have” or “I love how my smile lights up my entire face.”
    – Plan a day of beauty one weekend. Get a manicure, pedicure and eyebrow wax. If you really want to take this to the next level, book yourself a facial and bikini wax too.
    – Once a week, light your favorite candle and take a hot bubble bath while doing a face mask simultaneously. Relax while sipping your favorite tea, and focus on the things that make you beautiful, inside and out.

  • E

    Three months of getting my pretty on? That’s how I get out of a rut? What about reading an inspiring book, trying a brand new class, examining your life so far and going deeper? This article diminishes all that women have to offer, it really does. It makes me so sad to see that you encourage women to tie their happiness to beauty and thereby objectify themselves and their physical appearance, as though being pretty is indicative of your worth as a person. A real shame.

  • Stefanie

    Why is your content dumbing down, lately ?

  • Ana

    Love this!! I’m not on a winter rut (we don´t have winter where I live) but a little self pampering every once in a while is great! and seeing it on a list makes it soooo easy to follow

  • Laura

    I love this list!The winter this year in Bostan has been exceptionally brutal and a pick-me-up is exactly what I needed. I’ll be booking my massage today!

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