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Little Gem: Rylie June / Photography: Studio Castillero / Glitter Guide

When we visited Cassidy June for her Style at Home feature, we were struck by her adorable daughter Rylie (and her toddler-chic bedroom!). We couldn’t wait to hear more about this little one and the relationship she has with her fabulous mom. Rylie exudes an inspiring sense of wonderment and sweetness, leaving a trail of sparkle wherever she goes!

Photography: Studio Castillero

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  • Tell us about little Miss Rylie’s personality. 
    She has the kindest heart. When she is upset (and being two means this happens a lot), the first thing she will say through her tears is, “Rylie wants a hug.” So, in her roughest moments, we hug it out. It really helps us all to slow down so we can work through it. I didn’t teach her this; it’s just part of who she is. She melts our hearts on a daily basis.

  • “I really wanted to design a playroom that would be pretty, but also super functional and stimulating. I wanted her to have different “stations” (art, music, a dress-up chest, a reading corner and a place to hide out and play pretend) as well as plenty of storage so that I could store away toys to swap out every so often. That way, I’m not always buying her new toys, and she doesn’t always have a million things to play with! We spend hours pretending to “camp out” in this ruffle teepee, and it doubles as a place to store all her sports balls when we aren’t using it!”

  • “Rylie is a total bookworm. We could spend hours and hours on this couch reading. At least one of our fur babies usually joins in on the fun.”

  • What are your favorite things to do with Rylie?
    She is a total cuddlebug. My favorite thing to do is hold her like a baby and sing songs. We make up songs about all the things she did that day. If I was at school that day, I’ll use the photo updates I get from my family as my lyric guide. :) Unfortunately, I was not graced with a singing voice, but she doesn’t seem to mind.

  • RH Baby and Child bookshelf // Campaign side table: vintage and re-painted with Dunn-Edwards “Tropical Kelp” // Larger-Than-Life Paper Rose

  • Cork drums // Paint drip bowling pins

  • Where are your favorite places to shop for Rylie?
    I love Zara, Gap, Old Navy, Darling Clementine and Tutu Du Monde for really special occasion dresses. I really love finding small businesses, too, and some of my favorite outfits of hers are handmade from Etsy sellers!

  • “I thought it would be fun to hang something she made in the playroom. A big old shirt, some acrylic paint and our backyard is how this pretty canvas came to life. Sometimes she will point to it and say, “Rylie does good job.” 

    Custom deer head // White dip basket

  • See a DIY tutorial on these toys here.

  • Is Rylie starting to develop her own style? What are some of her favorite things to wear?
    Honestly, she could care less about clothes right now! We try to pay close attention to what she does like, and right now that would include: trucks, reading, dancing and cleaning (who knows where she got that from!). One day she will develop her own style, and I want to make a conscious effort to allow her style to shine through—even if that means no more sequins and gold (sigh!).

  • What’s the biggest lesson Rylie has taught you so far? What are some traits/characteristics you enjoy seeing her develop?
    She has taught me to slow down and let some things be unpredictable. I was always the girl with a five-year plan who liked to be in control of everything. There is nothing that slows you down more than having a child, and nothing more unpredictable than life with a toddler. I love seeing her sense of humor develop. She is really funny, and constantly reminding me that I can’t take myself or life too seriously.

  • “Being a mom is the hardest, most incredible promotion I’ve ever been blessed to receive. It’s amazing to see myself and my husband in her; she’s a total blend of the two of us: careful in her decisions, wild on the dance floor, has the most contagious laugh, and is determined to get her way. Being a mom is not always easy, but oh-so worth it.”

  • “While I love this lyric from Mumford & Sons, let’s be honest: being two years old means there’s really mischief in her heart—and she’s pulling those flowers out of her hair the minute I put them there!”

    “With grace in her heart and flowers in her hair” gold sign

  • Cassidy’s top: Ace & Jig top from Lone Flag // Rylie’s dress: Tutu du Monde dress

  • What was your inspiration when designing Rylie’s room?
    I wanted to design a room that could grow with her. For her second birthday we had a bohemian bash inspired by the Mumford & Sons lyric, “…with grace in her heart and flowers in her hair.” I bought party décor that could easily be transferred into her bedroom (like the sign, dreamcatchers and floral “2”). As much as I love that lyric, let’s be honest: there’s really mischief in her heart—and she’s pulling those flowers out of her hair the minute I put them there!

    Tamar Mogendorff unicorn head // Emily & Merritt for PB Teen Bedding

  • Floral “2” from The Scalloped Window // Peach Tassel Mobile from Fleur Lux // Rifle Paper Co. “Oyster” Print

  • Do you have a favorite item in Rylie’s room?
    There are definitely some sentimental items, but right now I would have to say the disco ball is my favorite. Something about a disco ball just calls for a dance party. It’s a reminder that life should be fun. We break out into spontaneous dance parties all the time. I hate to admit it, but our kitchen gets more dancing than cooking use these days.

  • Crocheted letters // Diamond piñata // Dreamcatcher by Alycia Mealy

  • “I love you beyond measure” wall decal

  • “One of my husband’s relatives had this old playhouse in the backyard. It was falling apart! My father-in-law refurbished it for her second birthday. I asked Rylie what her favorite colors were at the time, and she said green and blue. So that’s the direction we went!”

  • How does Rylie sparkle?
    Oh man, does she sparkle. She sparkles in her laugh and her smile. Even in those “toddler moments,” I see a sparkle in her eyes that gives me goosebumps. This girl has more determination than anyone I know! I love every little bit of her. Being a mom is not always easy, but oh-so worth it.

     Zara top and shorts // Little Trendsetter boots

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