Little Gem: Rylie Alisa


When we visited Cassidy June for her Style at Home feature, we were struck by her adorable daughter Rylie (and her toddler-chic bedroom!). We couldn’t wait to hear more about this little one and the relationship she has with her fabulous mom. Rylie exudes an inspiring sense of wonderment and sweetness, leaving a trail of sparkle wherever she goes!

Photography: Studio Castillero[/tps_header]

Tell us about little Miss Rylie’s personality. 
She has the kindest heart. When she is upset (and being two means this happens a lot), the first thing she will say through her tears is, “Rylie wants a hug.” So, in her roughest moments, we hug it out. It really helps us all to slow down so we can work through it. I didn’t teach her this; it’s just part of who she is. She melts our hearts on a daily basis.

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