Shop Talk: Alex & Liz’s Office Tour


For Alex Kaehler and Liz Schneider, running their own businesses isn’t a lonely venture: they get to do it side by side! Alex owns Alexandra Kaehler Design and runs her blog, AK Studio. Liz is the blogger behind Sequins & Stripes, offering a range of styling and shopping services. The two friends share an office together in Chicago, a chic space to encourage creativity—and each other!—every day. 

Photography: Heather Talbert[/tps_header]
What is the best part of sharing an office with a good friend? 

Liz: The ability to openly discuss the ups and downs of being two twenty-somethings navigating our way through owning a business! It’s certainly not easy, but having someone who can relate is so helpful and motivates me to keep pushing forward.
Alex: Liz and I were really only acquaintances when we signed the lease for our office. But ever since moving into the office, I’ve considered her one of my very closest friends. I love having someone in a different industry to bounce ideas off of, someone to talk blogging with and someone to take unnecessarily long lunch breaks with!

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Author: Caitlin Kruse

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