Best Dry Shampoos For Every Hair Type

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Best Dry Shampoos For Every Hair Type


Dry shampoo is close to magic in our book: it prolongs the life of a bombshell blowout, rids your roots of unwanted oil, adds sexy texture and—best of all—lessens styling time for those mornings you’re hitting snooze more than once. If you haven’t yet jumped on the dry shampoo bandwagon, we highly suggest you get yourself a can of this miracle product immediately! Whether you’re a skeptic, soon-to-be first-timer or a serious dry shampoo junkie, we’ve got you covered. Check out our favorite no-fail picks that will work for every hair type!

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Written by Kaleigh Fasanella

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  • Batiste Dry Shampoo ($8.99) is one of the best drugstore options on the market. We particularly love that it comes in different shades—dark-haired ladies don’t have to worry about excess powder being visible! It’s an all-around lovely option for under $10.


  • Bumble and bumble Prêt-à-powder ($26): This rose-scented powder adds ample volume and keeps your blowout looking salon-fresh even on the (dare we say it?!) third day.

  • Alterna knows what’s up when it comes to hair care, and their Caviar Anti-Aging Dry Shampoo ($22) is no exception. It’s a talc-free formula that will absorb unwanted oil while keeping your hair delightfully youthful.

  • Macadamia Dry Shampoo ($25) will add volume and texture to any hair type, even superfine locks! It moisturizes without weighing down, leaving your second-day hair looking refreshed and voluminous.

  • Orlando Pita Revive Instant Boost Dry Shampoo ($16.99 for a two-pack!) is super light, provides instant volume and is perfect for touch-ups throughout the day. What more could we want?!

  • Marlene

    On the hunt for a new dry shampoo but did I miss something? The title says 10 best dry shampoos, but there are only 5 images.

  • Jen

    I’m a huge fan of dry shampoos. I’m still on the hunt for the perfect volumizing yet non-oily/heavy product. I’ve used Tresemme, Herbal Essence, Dove, and Serge Normant. My favorite would have to be Tresemme so far.


  • Jessica

    I use Oribe Dry Texturizing spray, it works like a dry shampoo and smells amazing.

    26 and Not Counting

  • Starflykiwi

    I love Batiste dry shampoo however I wouldn’t recommend the brown one… even though I am a brunette.
    It leaves a dark residue that will come off onto your hands, hats, pillow etc…. anything that touches your hair for a good few hours after application!
    The normal one is fine and if you over-apply and it looks a little grey in places…. you can blend it away just by rubbing your hands through it.

    • Martha

      Good to know!

  • Kristin

    I’ve been looking for the perfect dry shampoo! Thanks for the suggestions!

    xo, KP

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  • The Single Diaries

    I love the Alterna Bamboo Style Cleanse Extend Translucent Dry Shampoo.

    Catherine | The Single Diaries

  • jillsmithArtist

    I will have to use one of the dry shampoo thats down here as last time l used one it made my head itch for ages.

  • Jen @ Marshmallows&Margaritas

    I’m looking for a dry shampoo that doesn’t create a lot of volume; my hair is pretty voluminous on its own. Any suggestions for something that will soak up the oil, not leave any obvious residue and won’t make my hair look like 1987?

    • HeatherFaye

      “Look like 1987″~ I think I love you! That was great!

  • Christine Da Costa

    I am addicted to dry shampoo….love how it makes my hair look thick after day 2 & 3 of not washing my hair. Pantene Blowout is great….love that one. Dove just came out with a new one that I am going to try next.

  • TanyaK

    Really helpful, thanks!

  • Madison

    Tigi pro sold at Sally Beauty is so much better than the Tigi Rockaholic (not to mention half the price) and is powerful so you can get a little more use out of it, and works great on dark or light hair!

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