The Best Rainy Day Gear For Surviving Winter Workouts

There is a wet and slushy stretch of time following icy winter and preceding sunny spring that perplexes outdoor exercisers. Our sneakers soak through as we navigate through puddles of melted snow. When spring showers roll around, we don’t want to throw on our rain jackets because of the stuffiness and sweatiness that can dreadfully ensue. And good luck seeing more than five feet ahead of you as thick rain obstructs your vision. These things considered, we’ve compiled an outfit that solves all of these issues, keeping you dry and comfortable — and clear-sighted! — as you take on the wet weeks ahead.

1. Women’s Arcadia II Jacket, Columbia ($60)
2. Waterproof Cap, SealSkinz ($40)
3. Women’s Isotherm Windstopper Tights,  The North Face ($140)
4. Women’s Ghost 6 GTX, Brooks ($140)

Written by Kathryn Leahy

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