Shop Talk: Laura Hooper Calligraphy


There’s something so entirely special about beautifully hand-lettered calligraphy, and Laura Hooper does some of the best in the biz! Seeing her gorgeous calligraphy work always brings a smile to our face. We were thrilled to get a behind-the-scenes look at her office—and for the opportunity to get to know this amazing woman a bit better!

Office Design & Styling: With Love, Design
Photography: Abby Jiu Photography
Hair & Makeup: Amie Decker Beauty
Fresh Florals: Petal and Print
How did you get started doing calligraphy?
My mom taught me basic calligraphy when I was a young girl, and then I started working at a caricature shop when I was 12, writing names in what would maybe resemble Copperplate. I did that for years, and when I was about 22, my best friend asked me to address her wedding envelopes. The rest was history! I’ve actually shared more details about my story on my blog as well.

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  • Thank you so much for featuring my office. I’m so honored that it’s on fabulous Glitter Guide today! Thank you again :)

  • I am sooo excited to start using by starter kit. Maybe I am jumping the gun a bit, but what gold ink would you recommend to use with the nibs that you provide in the starter kit? My ambition (a big ambition!) is to learn and practice enough to write out all of the place names for our wedding in May (it gives me the shakes just thinking about it!) Thanks so much, really love your work and your work space, Laura! x

    • @disqus_ppeuttEYCg:disqus they are from Crate & Barrel @disqus_dXIPMtWZBC:disqus I like gold gouache {you can see a pic of the gouache I use in the feature ~ it’s the pic with the little thank you tags!

  • What a beautiful article and work she does- totally random, but is anyone aware of the paint color in her office? Im totally inspired by it and the gold lettering!

  • I follow Laura on Instagram and LOVE watching her calligraphy videos! She is amazingly talented and it was so nice to have a peek into her work space and learn more about her! Great feature!

  • Thanks for sharing your story Laura! It takes a lot of courage to leave a steady job and devote your time to what you love. You’re an inspiration.

    Catherine | The Single Diaries

    • Thanks, Catherine…it was definitely scary at the time, but of course well worth it in the end!

  • I was sitting here thinking to myself and I thought instead I should share how struck I am by your story! And How amazing it is that you were able to follow your passions the way you have! It is truly inspiring and thank you for the story! Makes me feel like I could actually follow my heart too! Sounds corny but thanks :)

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