5 Ways to Organize Your Kitchen

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5 Ways To Organize Your Kitchen

With spring’s official kick-off around the corner, it’s time to start revitalizing certain areas of our abodes. When planning a cleaning kick, it’s best to begin in the center of any home: the kitchen. Open shelving is one of the most popular organizational tricks to try, but we’re taking it even further. From creating fresh color schemes to bringing the outdoors in, these five projects will refresh your space — and your spirits! — just in time for the new season.

Written by Carrie Waller of Dream Green DIY
Image: A Beautiful Mess

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  • Consider one literal translation of an organized kitchen — a chalkboard wall! Keep track of your grocery list and your daily to-dos with this on-trend DIY project.

    Image: The Hunted Interior

  • Something as simple as corralling your most-used utensils in one corner can be very cathartic. Try using a cutting board as you would a tray, and repurpose flower pots for utensil storage!

    Image: Weekdaycarnival

  • Try painting the interior of your kitchen cabinets in a color that will invigorate you each time you put away the dishes!

    Image: A Beautiful Mess

  • When you’re elbow-deep in cake batter, there’s nothing more irritating than realizing the one tool you need is buried in the back of the drawer. Keep those important utensils within easy reach by utilizing simple hooks or pegs.

    Image: Everyday Occasions

  • While this is admittedly not a one-afternoon project, making your kitchen cabinets, backsplash and/or ceiling a crisp white color will help to make the space feel naturally cleaner, brighter and more organized.

    Image: Smitten Studio

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    These are all great tips!

  • http://ladydianaspearls.com Rosa M. Diana

    I love the tips you provide. Great way to showcase items and at the same time create space for storage.

  • http://danakay16.blogspot.com/ Dana Kay

    I love the idea of having a chalk board wall in the kitchen! That’s so fun and creative.
    Dana Kay

  • http://www.thesinglediaries.com/ The Single Diaries

    I like the idea of bright paint inside cabinets! An unexpected surprise.

    Catherine | The Single Diaries

  • jaclyn

    love all these ideas because I live in a place thats 3inches big! so annoying. anyway great ideas! love.

    check my blog: http://stylevolver.blogspot.com

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