5 Tips For Creating Your Dream Closet This Spring

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5 Tips For Creating Your Dream Closet This Spring

We’ve all seen plenty of them on Pinterest: pristine closets overflowing with color-coordinated clothing and rows upon rows of beautifully displayed shoes and jewelry. While a giant walk-in closet complete with a chandelier and chaise lounge may be a bit out of reach for most of us, a well-organized and artfully displayed one is completely attainable. These organization tips will help to make your closet Pin-worthy in no time!

Image: A Mere Life

Written by Kari Bolen

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  • 1. The first step to an organized closet is to get rid of anything you don’t need. Ask yourself: do I feel confident in this? Have I worn it in the past 12 months? If the answer to either question is no — or if the item is damaged or doesn’t fit quite right — chuck it. Arrange everything into four categories: keep, trash, donate and storage (for those heavier winter items you won’t be wearing for a while).

    Sometimes it can be difficult to get rid of things that you’ve become emotionally attached to, so invite a friend over to help you out. Friends offer an objective point of view — plus, you’ll have much more fun with a closet-cleaning partner! And remember: the more space you make in your closet, the more room you’ll have for new items!

    Image: Jojotastic

  • 2. Once you’ve finished purging, start brainstorming creative ways to display your favorite pieces and accessories. You didn’t buy that Kate Spade bag or those Manolo pumps so that they could sit at the bottom of your closet! Display them proudly!

    Image: This Is Glamorous

  • 3. Make a spectacle of your favorite jewels by organizing them into eye-catching wall displays. Placing them in clear bowls and jars looks lovely, too!

    Image: The Everygirl

  • 4. If you’re short on closet space, why not follow Cassidy‘s lead and show off your favorite pieces on a pretty clothing rack?

    Image: Glitter Guide

  • 5. Invest in quality hangers! Not only do they prevent stretching and scuff marks on clothing, but they also just look so much prettier than boring wire ones!

    Image: Peaches & Candy

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  • Connie

    Love this post! Such great inspiration. Thanks!
    xo, Connie

  • http://www.horsesandheels.com/ Raquel Lynn

    Great advice about organizing, my closet is over flowing with things and becomes a mess easily. I think I need to donate a few things and focus on creating beautiful sections.

  • http://www.dishuplove.com Toye

    I need a better looking closet, pronto!

  • http://www.shallwesasa.com/ Sasa Zoe

    oh my! Love it<3


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  • Gigi

    love the ideas!


  • http://www.deardaffodils.blogspot.co.uk/ Dear Daffodils

    Really love the idea of showing off jewellery in cute jars. ♥ Looks lovely.

    Abigail ♥

  • http://www.nicolemariestory.com/ Nicole Marie Story

    Okay hi! This is the PERFECT article. Love it!!!

  • Mommy’sKitchen

    I love your post and I wish I had this type of closet !!

  • http://www.lioninthewild.com/ Kiara King

    I just spent a little too much on new beautiful hangers for our closets, however I think it is totally and completely worth it to be honest! My partner and I currently have a mad dive walk-in robe each, however when we move into our new home towards the end of the year, we’ll be sharing just one. I have a feeling the design is going to be very difficult, though I’ll definitely be adding this article to the reading list for inspiration and ideas!


  • http://www.bethandbeauty.com/ Beth and Beauty

    Thanks for the tips, Came just in time, I am organizing my makeup/closet room tomorrow.

  • http://ebbapebbas.se/ Ebba

    Love this! This is so Good tips Thank you!! Love the picture by the way!

  • http://itshappydays.blogspot.com/ itshappydays

    Loved this post!
    Thanks for the tips =)

  • Katarina

    Love it, you found even amazing pictures

  • Emeverywhere.com

    You should encourage donating old clothing to non-profit thrift stores instead of just chucking it… It’s a really good habit to have.

  • http://www.shop.graciousstore.com/ Gracious Store

    It is always a good idea to do spring clear of your closet and get rid of clothes that you no long wear for some reason, it not only breathes a fresh air into your wardrobe it gives you a clear idea of what you might or might need to buy

  • http://www.heyprettything.com/ Carolyn

    wish my closet was big enough for some of these ideas! but definitely logging away for the future 😉


  • Ester Ulaya
  • http://www.misselizawonderland.com Miss Eliza WonDerland

    Ahh great ideas! I’m definitely using them! I love the tip about showing off our shoes hehe 😉


    Miss Eliza WonDerland

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