Style At Home: Tamara Taggart

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Style At Home: Tamara Taggart

Do you ever wonder what your favorite news anchors are like at home? Well, we certainly do — so we were delighted when Tamara Taggart gave us a tour of her impeccable abode. In addition to co-anchoring CTV News at Six in Vancouver, British Columbia, Tamara is a devoted wife and busy mom to three kids! We loved this glimpse into her beautiful home life, her amazing career and how on earth she juggles it all!

Photography: Taylynne Mitschke
Décor: The Cross Design
Edibles: Anna Elizabeth Cakes, Coco Cake, Butter Baked Goods
Florals: The Flower Factory
Stylist: Michelle Addison Personal Style
Hair: Courtney Brands
Makeup: Rebecca Simmons


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  • You are an incredibly accomplished individual! What have been some of the most rewarding elements of your jam-packed career?
    Thank you, that’s very sweet of you to say. There are so many great opportunities that my job has brought me; I have met some amazing people and had the honor of telling their incredible stories. Each day is different; I walk through the front door of the station and I don’t know what the day will bring. I like that — it keeps me on my toes. I love that I get to work on live television — nothing makes you feel more alive than when that red light goes on and you know you are live in front of thousands of people. The adrenaline is something else! I work with an incredibly talented group of people who all share a common goal of producing a quality newscast. My co-workers are also trusted friends.

    One of my favorite memories is when I went to New York and co-hosted with Regis Philbin on “Live! With Regis & Kelly” (Kelly was on vacation). It was a huge moment — I’ll never forget that experience.

    I have worked really hard to get to where I am. To some it may look like it came easy, but it didn’t — it’s been a 17-year journey, and in some ways, I feel like this is the beginning of an exciting new chapter.

  • What does a typical day look like for you?
    We’re up early in our house. Our son Beckett thinks that 5:30 a.m. is a nice time to rise — we beg to differ — but most mornings start between 5:30 and 6 a.m. It always begins with coffee — lots of coffee — and then a mad rush to get everyone fed, dressed and out the door. After the kids are dropped off, I either come home and do some writing in my home office or go to meetings at work or coffee shops nearby. I am in the studio by noon at the latest. A few of us go grab lunch together and eat at our desks. Our news meeting starts at 2 p.m. and we go through the show line-up and discuss leads, headlines and story details. From there it’s recording radio promos, make-up, hair, prime-time promos and then a detailed look at every word in the 6 p.m. news. We are on-air from 6 – 7 p.m., and after a short post-show meeting I’m in my car and going home to my kids, who are usually getting their PJs on. The best part of my day is putting our kids to bed. After stories and cuddles, my husband and I start dinner at 8 p.m. We eat and melt into the couch!

  • What sparked your interest in broadcast journalism? Did you always know you wanted to be on television?
    I went to school for Radio Broadcasting, and radio is where my career started. I worked in radio for a few years and made my move to concert promoting. And then when a position came up at CTV, I applied. The position was in the Promotions Department, and that’s where it all started for me. It quickly turned into an on-air position.

    I have had lots of great opportunities at the station — I spent over nine years as the Weathercaster on CTV News at 5, 6 and 11:30. Three years ago I was promoted to News Anchor of CTV News at Six. I always knew I wanted to be in broadcasting. It’s such a fascinating business, and I feel very fortunate to do what I do.

  • You have three beautiful children. How do you juggle motherhood and work? Has the balancing act taught you any valuable lessons?
    Whew, balancing motherhood & a career is quite the dance. There are days when I feel like I could give more to my work and other days where I’m sad that I can’t attend something for one of my kids. I try to take it easy on myself — there is no right or wrong way to do this. You need to figure out what works best and feels right for your family. Here’s what I know: nothing trumps my family. Nothing. They come first, no matter what the situation is. I had a terrible health scare two years ago and nearly died. That experience — as terrifying as it was — taught me so many lessons. My perspective changed overnight. I love my job, it’s the best, but I love my family more. I savor all of my minutes with them; they come first. We have a saying at our station — Family First — and it’s true. Nothing is more important than what you have at home.

  • How do you enjoy your spare time?
    I really love being at home. I’m definitely a homebody. We spend lot of time at the kitchen table doing crafts, and we like to lounge and read! I’ll be honest: a lot of our spare time is now spent at piano, dance and swim lessons — and if we’re not doing that, we’re buying groceries! When I can I like to read in a quiet corner or retreat to my office in the basement and write or blog. Having tea or coffee with my friends is a nice way to spend a Sunday morning, too.

  • “This rabbit head in Poppy’s room is from Anthropologie. It’s so whimsical!” 

  • What’s your philosophy when it comes to personal style?
    Easy, classic and comfortable! I have to dress a certain way when I’m on-air. I definitely lean toward conservative clothing when it comes to my 6 p.m. news clothes (Theory jackets & skirts, YSL heels and Equipment blouses), but when I’m running around during the day, you can usually find me in Converse All Stars, a J.Crew sweater or t-shirt and Vince pants. I move quickly, so heels don’t cut it for me during the day! I also try to “cleanse” my wardrobe every season. I like to hold onto things, so I usually have to call my friend Michelle. She’s a stylist who helps people cleanse their closets — she has great taste and is ruthless, and I need that!!

  • In terms of interior design, what inspires you? How would you describe your home décor or ambience?
    More than anything I want you to feel at home when you walk through my front door. My goal is for it to not only be comfortable for my family, but also for our friends when they come over. Nothing is too precious: the sofas are soft, the floors are worn-in and you don’t need a coaster when you put down a drink. I like white because it’s fresh and bright — and I can add in pops of color depending on the season. Our home is happy, and I hope people feel that way when they come over!

  • “These adorable marshmallows are from this UK company called Boomf, which prints your Instagram photos on treats. ” 

  • “Stanley, our Airedale Terrier!” 

  • What’s your favorite kind of party to host? Do you have any entertaining tips?
    I do love a birthday party. I really feel that a birthday is a true celebration — to be another year older is something to be happy about. So far we have had all our kids’ birthdays at our house. I start thinking of themes in January, and by the time their birthdays arrive in August and September, I’m good to go. I utilize Etsy a lot, as well as local women who bake and have party supplies. The earlier you order things, the better — that way you aren’t panicking as the date gets closer. I have a closet where I stash all my birthday treasures. I also always hire a professional photographer — if there’s one big tip I have, that is it! Beckett’s first birthday was the only time I didn’t do that, and I was so busy running around that I barely took any photos. Now I always hire someone, and it is worth every single penny. I would rather cut corners elsewhere just so I can have amazing photos of a great celebration.

  • Where are your favorite places to shop for the home?
    I love The Cross in Vancouver — one of the owners, Stephanie Vogler, is a good friend. She has impeccable taste, and has created a store that allows you to dream and create a beautiful home. Heather Ross Natural Eclectic in Vancouver is also a favorite place of mine; her vintage finds are amazing and I’m always in awe of her aesthetic. Online, I love Etsy — it’s such a treasure trove of creativity. And I am obsessed with Instagram. Obsessed. There are so many talented people exchanging ideas. I love it.

  • You have an impressive record of giving back to your community — are there any specific experiences or stories you’d like to share?
    I think it’s important to give back — at least it is for me. I feel fortunate that I have a voice that can help others or bring awareness to a situation where others need assistance. Our son Beckett has Down syndrome, so it’s important for me to be involved in the Down syndrome community. I want others to know that people with Down syndrome are just like anyone else; they have feelings and they are giving members of our community. I spend time speaking with new mothers, too — assuring them after the news that they are carrying a baby with Down syndrome that everything is going to be just fine. Beckett is our shining star.

    I’m also currently chairing a campaign for BC Women’s Hospital. We’re raising 17 million dollars for new equipment in their Newborn Intensive Care Unit. Thousands of babies are in the NICU, and it’s important to have the best equipment and care as these families go through the toughest experience of their lives. Visiting the NICU and seeing what the babies and their parents are going through has been life-altering.

    I don’t help out because I feel I have to; I do it because I want to and I like it. If we all gave just a little — whether it’s money or time — the world would be a better place.

  • What advice would you give to someone seeking a career in media (or any field!)?
    Be prepared to work hard, and don’t do it if you don’t love it. Life is too short to go to a job every day that you don’t love. Television is full of rejection and some harsh critique; if you don’t have a thick skin going into it, you will develop one soon enough — the ability to shut out the noise is necessary!

    No matter what it is, I think it’s important to find something you love and then be prepared to work your butt off. The biggest turn-off is a sense of entitlement — nothing comes easy. People in top positions in every business have worked hard to get where they are. If you are prepared to put in the time, you’ll get there, too.

  • How do you sparkle?
    With my children around me, giggling and telling stories from their wild imaginations. You can’t help but sparkle in the presence of a happy child.

  • “The car wallpaper is from Studio Ditte. The shelves are Ikea spice racks I painted. The ‘B’ is vintage.” 

  • Coco Cake Land

    tamara i loved this interview! you are so down to earth with a beautiful bustling family, work life and gorgeous home – such pretty photos! “family first” – that’s my motto too. it was great to meet you and your sweet and energetic kiddos! (and so exciting to see you holding a plate with my donuts! ^__^) xo

    • Tamara Taggart

      It was so good to meet you….your donuts were magical! Thank you for your kind words. xx

  • Mimi Brown

    I absolutely love the flamingo print (in slides 24-25). Any idea where it’s from? Thanks!

    • CJ Tours

      I want to know this, too!

    • Tamara Taggart

      It’s from West Elm.

  • Monika Hibbs

    Gorgeous Tamara! Everything is perfect!! Loved every single part of this feature!

    Monika xo

    • Tamara Taggart

      Thanks Monika! T xx

  • Miranda

    Great photos! That table an chair in the foyer. Is so beautiful!

  • Holly Wells

    What a classic and stylish home and great interview to boot!

    Holly Wells
    Vertical PR, LLC

  • arin

    ugh, beautiful beautiful home! can i please move in? like now!

  • CJ Tours

    This was out-of-this-world fresh. I love all the use of flowers throughout! Definitely a great add.

  • Charlotte

    Loved the oxford shirt with the animal print! Must have i! Would love to know where it’s from!

    • Nicole

      Oh, I’m dying to know where this is from as well!

      • Tamara Taggart

        Hi Charlotte and Nicole – the shirt is from Equipment…one of my faves! Tamara xx

  • Bellenza

    She has such beautiful kids, and a gorgeous home. I love the car wallpaper and the vintage find!

  • Alanna Hendren

    Tamara is one of those people who really can have it all – with a lot of hard work! She makes it look easy. She is smart, successful, happily married to a rock star, a fabulous mother and one of those people who make our community sparkle!

    • Tamara Taggart

      Alanna – you are too kind. T xx

  • Liza

    Loved this interview! What a beautiful home! I absolutely love the gray chair with the print on the back (slide 1 and 5). Where is it from?

    • Tamara Taggart

      Hi Liza, it is a vintage chair (someone was throwing it out) and I recovered it in Schumacher fabric. Tamara

  • Candice

    loved this interview – from the focus on career woman who is beautiful but also focuses on her family. so inspriring.

    • Tamara Taggart

      Thank you Candice!

  • Ellen

    does anyone know where the Louis white chair with her desk is from?? I’ve seen a similar one in Maison du Monde, wondering if it’s from somewhere else?

    • tamara taggart

      Hi Ellen, I bought it from The Cross Design in Vancouver.

      • Ellen

        thank you! : )

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