3 Ways To Clean Your Makeup Brushes & Sponges

When it comes to a flawless beauty routine, quality makeup brushes and sponges make all the difference. And when you’re using these tools on a daily basis, it’s crucial to clean them regularly — otherwise, they can get clogged with excess powder, oils or bacteria and cause facial breakouts! We’ve rounded up three simple ways to keep your brushes, sponges and skin looking clean and fresh.

By Kara Manos of Politics of Pretty
Photography: Kate Ann
Styling: Caitlin Moran

How to clean your brushes using household products: Squeeze some baby shampoo or Cetaphil cleanser in a small bowl of water. Dip your brushes in the bowl and swirl around. Rinse with water and then lay flat to dry.

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How to clean your brushes using a brush spray: Liberally spritz brushes with a brush-cleaning spray and massage brush hairs with your fingers for a few minutes. Rinse with water and lay flat to dry.



How to clean your sponges: For sponges (like our beloved BeautyBlender), slather the BeautyBlender Solid Cleanser on wet sponges, squeezing out any dirt or excess formula. Rinse with water and let air-dry on a paper towel.


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Author: Kara Manos

Kara blogs at Politics of Pretty, a go-to beauty resource. She’s been featured in People StyleWatch and Byrdie as a top beauty blog. Connect with her on Instagram.

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