Mother’s Day Advice From Our Tribe Of Glitter Girl Mamas


With Mother’s Day this weekend, we’re taking the time to celebrate all of the inspiring moms in our lives. Giving birth is one of the most beautiful parts of life, and we’re celebrating the miracle of motherhood by sharing first-person advice from our chic, fabulous mama friends. As women it’s so important to share a sense of camaraderie and celebrate motherhood together. Whether you’re a mom yourself, find yourself thinking about starting a family in the future or just want to celebrate the wonderful women in your life, this honest advice is a great resource! We’d love to hear your advice, too — so share in the comments below!

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“Don’t worry about the stuff, the toys, the most stylish baby clothes. It’s easier said than done, but those first few months are fleeting. Focus on the snuggles, the cuddles and being present. They need diapers, pajamas, a cozy place to sleep and you. Wait before you buy; see what clothes, toys and devices they’ll use for more than a few weeks or months. We just had our second baby, and I promise you — hindsight is 20/20 (PS: my wallet thanks me)!” – Alyson Seligman, creator of The Average Girl’s Guide, mom to 4-year-old Sarah and 6-month-old Evan

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“There will come a time for gardening and immaculate floors. Now is likely not the time for that, unless of course you have a village helping you. Do you? Then can I move in?” – Chassity Evans, creator of Look Linger Love, mom to 4 1/2-year-old Lily + 2 1/2-year-old Fletcher

“Don’t live behind the camera. Sometimes it’s so hard to remember to live in the moment. I am a sucker for an amazing photo, but more often than not, the memories created when I am truly present with her are more meaningful than any picture will ever be.” – Morgan Hutchinson, owner of Shop BURU, mom to 18-month-old Olive Bee

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