6 Fun Ways to Get Fit Without Stepping on a Treadmill


We all know exercise is an absolutely essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, we’re just as familiar with the benefits of exercise as we are with ways to procrastinate hitting the gym! And let’s face it: boredom is one of the main reasons we skip our “daily” (read: monthly) run or early-morning spin class. Luckily, getting fit doesn’t mean we’re confined to logging miles on a treadmill. Unconventional workouts like rock climbing or Zumba classes are more popular than ever! Here are six of our favorite ways to work out without setting foot in a traditional gym.

Image: Matchbook Magazine

Written by Kathryn Leahy[/tps_header]
Indoor Wall Climbing
You may remember visiting these facilities for friends’ birthday parties years ago. And now, if you take rock climbing more seriously as an exercise, you’ll reap muscular and cardiovascular benefits —plus the sheer enjoyment you felt as a kid!

Image: Avax News

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