How To Build The Perfect Gallery Wall


Everybody knows a great piece of art can spice up a room—and when it comes to our wall décor, we can’t help but think that more is definitely more! Enter: the gallery wall. Between choosing artwork and frames, creating a layout and then finally hanging everything, a gallery wall can be a finicky project that takes some time (and a good eye) to get just right. When styling artwork in her own home, our founder Taylor took a no-hassle, risk-free route to gallery perfection by looking to Artfully Walls for the ideal combination of art prints.

Taylor opted for a selection of warm hues and abstract compositions, but with the covetable collection of curated prints that Artfully Walls offers, it’s impossible for even the most amateur decorator to make a gallery wall misstep! The vast variety of artwork means creating a gallery wall customized to your space and taste is easy. Plus, there’s a helpful app that lets you preview exactly how your print selection will look! We’re never turning back.

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1. African Crowned Crane by Anna See
2. Autumn IV by Sybil Wigdor
3. Before Spring by Sybil Wigdor
4. Navy Geo by Britt Bass Turner
5. Hover In Pink by Heather Goodwind
6. Flowers On A Table by Daniela Orlev
7. Again by Eva Magill-Oliver

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Mixing up the styles you use in a gallery wall is a great way to achieve variety and quirkiness. Keep things balanced by sticking with a single overarching color scheme—Taylor chose pinks and yellows.

Top left: Hover In Pink by Heather Goodwind / Bottom left: Autumn IV by Sybil Wigdor

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