Recipe File: The Easiest Donut Cake

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Recipe File: The Easiest Donut Cake

If you’ve been paying attention to the wedding industry or are in the midst of planning your own special day, you’ve probably noticed the popular food trend of donuts popping up at receptions and showers. We certainly have no complaints, as this tasty breakfast treat is one of our favorites. Today Caitlin is sharing how to put together the easiest donut cake for a rehearsal dinner, bachelorette brunch or shower. It costs less than $10 to make!

Photography: Liz + Ryan
Styling: Caitlin Moran



  • 24 glazed donuts (or donuts of your choice)
  • Cake stand
  • Fresh flowers + greens


1. Starting from the outside and working your way in, line the bottom of the cake stand with donuts.
2. Add a second layer, overlapping the donuts to fill the space.
3. Repeat until you’ve used all the donuts.
4. Decorate the side with flowers.

  • 0katykate0

    I saw this “recipe” on Pintrest. I actually thought it was a joke. seriously. I actually pinned it to my “Funny Stuff” board. Then I clicked on the link to see if this was some kind of humors satirical website. wow. just… wow. this is a pile of donuts guys. a pile of donuts. Homer Simpson would be pleased. LOL!!

    • KandisWig


  • RAR

    Is this a joke?

  • Andrea

    This has to be an ‘April Fools’ joke right!? Does some idiot actually need a step-by-step, pictorial on how to buy a dozen donuts and stack them on a tray and put some store bought flowers next to it? #GlitterFail

    • Sarah

      2 dozen donuts.

      Didn’t you read the recipe?? 😉

  • TSE

    This has to be a joke! It’s not a cake, it’s a stack of donuts. Calling it a cake is mislabeling and false advertising!

  • Sam

    this isn’t really a recipe is it now?

  • Lily

    Ladies, you can surely come up with better content than this!

  • Liz

    Um, this isn’t a recipe…it’s a way to display doughnuts. This isn’t serious, right?

  • T

    FINALLY a post detailing how I can display my donuts. I was really confused by donut display protocol. Thank you for your service! Now I will be able to display my two dozen donuts with pride.

  • Picard
  • BabyJune

    Instructions unclear; choked on glitter.

  • anna

    Please take this down. I am embarrassed for you and the readers you think so little of. FYI – I got married in October and somehow managed to have a donut display without this tutorial!

  • Sue A

    This post is absolutely ridiculous . . . this isn’t a cake and a cake stand can not be labeled as an “ingredient”! You must take your readers for absolute idiots!

  • Lozza

    Are these measurements metric or imperial?

  • Shannon

    do you have any suggestions for how to make this vegan and gluten-free

  • Olivia

    It took one person to “write” this and two to actually photograph this?! I weep for humanity and what we’ve become.

  • Sad in Seattle

    OK. I tried this recipe today but substituted the cake stand ingredient for a plate ingredient instead. What a failure, It was nothing more than a plate of donuts no matter how many flowers and greens I put on it. A bastardly plate of donuts! I am ashamed. #glitterfail

    • Margot11

      This recipe seemed perfect for my rehearsal dinner, but I find donuts too sweet so I substituted sprouted, whole-grain, gluten-free bagels. I wanted the occasion to have that trendy, DIY hipster feel, so I got creative and replaced the flowers with taxidermied fetal foxes.

      The next day I found myself waiting alone at the altar, weeping. What went wrong? This is a tricky one.

      • Margot11

        My second attempt at this recipe took a tragic turn, In an effort to reconcile with my fiance, I followed the recipe to the letter this time. Good news is he loved it and even had a second helping! As for the bad news, well… RIP, my prince.

        “…peonies, especially the flowers, are extremely poisonous – sometimes fatal – I read this in ”The Herb Book” by John Lust, published by Bantam.”

        • Sad in Seattle

          On the upside…more donut cake for you : )

  • Molly

    its only a recipe if it has 2 or more edible ingredients. otherwise its just…the one ingredient, styled.

  • E

    I’m just gonna eat them out of the KK box

  • Jen

    You completely lost me at “flowers”…Please clarify this step…

  • disqus_rhoSzrbKWw

    oh my fucking god.

  • Unimpressed

    Sure. Putting donuts on a cake stand means you made a cake. Do you like handmade dress I made myself? I bought it at Target. And last night before dinner I put some placemats out so I guess that means I made a dining setting or something? Presenting something you bought is not making something!!!!!

    It’s a shame because you could have done a cool “three ways to style a donut cake” with quick instructions on how you piled the donuts and how many you used and then gone on to provide some inspiration and ideas- one with sparklers and edible glitter for. NYE, one with flowers for a bridal shower; one with fondant butterflies for a little girls birthday etc. You could have had the trifecta (pinterest-worthy image; trending buzzword; CONTENT) . But instead you went and made fools of yourselves.

    • chescaleigh

      3 different styled doughnut cakes is actually a really cute idea. be careful giving content away like that! lol

      • Margot11

        Seriously i am going to make that glittery New Years Eve donut cake”recipe.”Brilliant.

  • JarJarThinks

    What if I don’t have a peony? Will it be twee enough for my guests? Also, should I thrift the cake stand? I’m very confused by this. I guess I will just have to eat my donuts off of a plate. :-(

  • Holly

    lol wow

  • CanCan

    This changed my life! I immediately tried a Twinkie Cake, a Oatmeal Creme Pie Cake, and a Hot Dog Pile! The playgroup moms are jealous of my skills!

    • Heather

      +1 for Hot Dog Pile

  • nyouge

    Wait, are you sure this is the *easiest* donut cake?

  • DogNuts

    I would have made this cake but the recipe was tl;dr

  • Eh?

    Placing donuts on a cake stand does not make the donuts a cake. Just like placing a cat in a dog house does not make the cat a dog.

    This is the most pathetic example of…something. I honestly hope this is some strange joke.

    This is not a cake. A cake stand and flowers aren’t INGREDIENTS. INGREDIENTS are meant to be eaten when speaking of food.

    Everyone knows how to place donuts on a plate. If this is a “cake” how is one to cut it? Why would one cut it? You can’t eat the flower.

  • Chris

    I’m embarrassed for you.

  • Sarah

    I’m so embarrassed for you right now.

  • Facepalm

    This really is an insult to your readers. And it is a massive indicator that you don’t care anymore about the content of your blog. You’ll just put anything up.

  • TheyCallMePathological

    By Greens do you mean lettuce, kale, spinach, or what, I am so confused!!

    • Margot11

      Maybe I misread the recipe. I thought it called for Greenies, the “pet dental chews.” I can’t be the only one who made this mistake.

    • Eat.Style.Play

      Collards girl, duh.

  • Joe Schmoe

    Crud – I did it all wrong! I read the recipe backwards and made a donut-shaped cake! I hope my friends still like it ;(

  • d’oh-nuts

    Wow, desperate for content much? If this is the direction GG is going maybe you should consider quitting now before you embarrass yourselves anymore. That’s what this is, by the way. Embarrassing.

  • Madison

    mmm, I bet the donuts on top of the eucalyptus taste AH-MAZ-ING.

  • Rose

    Am I supposed to use Krispy Kreme, Dunkin’ Donuts or gas station donuts for this? The directions aren’t clear, I’m afraid if I use the wrong ones they won’t work with the rest of the ingredients.

  • kikididi

    Holy shit, LIFESAVER. Never would have known how to stack doughnuts without this handy guide.

  • Anne


  • Chris

    I actually made the unfortunate mistake of pinning this before reading it because I thought it was an actual recipe to make donuts/cake. Shame on me. My friend pointed out the ridiculousness of this post out to me and I had to delete my pin. Thank you… thank you for telling us how to assemble donuts together to look like a cake. I’m not sure how we would have figured it out otherwise. I’m not sure if I’m more embarrassed for the writer for thinking that she could pass this off as a recipe or if I’m more embarrassed for the editor for reading this and thinking, “OMG this is amaze balls and we should totally post it.” I already thought your adult themed unicorn party was ridiculous and this has just sent me over the edge. Consider putting out thoughtful, meaningful articles that are important or make a difference. Putting out articles on unicorn tea parties and “recipes” for how to ASSEMBLE donuts together is a complete joke.

  • Jenny Barnett Rohrs

    What exactly makes this a cake?

  • joytroupemommy

    I only have 23 donuts. Can you help me adjust the recipe?

  • Some dude

    If given the chance, I’d haudoken each and every one of you haters out there. Donut pile for life.

  • Dave

    This is fucking embarrassing.

  • Krystal K.


  • Amanda Jaynes
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