DIY: Wedding Favor Boxes, 5 Ways

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DIY: Wedding Favor Boxes, 5 Ways

Options for wedding favors are endless, but one of our favorite ideas is filling a small box with edible treats that have some specific meaning to the bride and groom. Caitlin spent an afternoon coming up with five different ways to dress up simple craft paper boxes! Read on for the simple DIYs.

Photography: Krista A. Jones
DIYs + Styling: Caitlin Moran

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  • Adhere a piece of ribbon to the top of your box with hot glue, allowing the edges to hang over. Next, use a dot of glue to tack on your guests’ names. These also double as great place cards!

  • Grab a roll of lace from your local craft store and get to wrapping!

  • Stamp your boxes using your own logo or a design you particularly fancy. For an extra special touch, glue a piece of ribbon to the lid (this makes it easy for guests to open!).

  • Use a pencil eraser to create a polka-dot pattern with acrylic paint. Finish with a velvet ribbon bow!

  • Using a seal and wax, create stamps on a piece of parchment paper. Pop them off after they’ve hardened. Wrap a piece of ribbon around the box, affixing it with hot glue. Last, glue the seal on top.

  • claire

    lovely! curious to know where the boxes are from?

  • Leah

    couldn’t have come at a better time – thx for posting!

  • Kelly

    Could you please tell me where I can purchase the little boxes from. Fantastic idea

  • heather gilmour

    Great ideas, I like the most this one with the lase. You give me some inspiration for mine own models :) Thanks!
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  • Effy

    Seriously, where do you get these little boxes? No website or store near me has them.

  • Carrie

    I would love to know where you found the boxes at as well!

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