Bridal Beauty Tips From Ultimakeover

Written by on June 13, 2014 in Beauty, Real Beauty - 2 Comments
Bridal Beauty Tips From Ultimakeover

There is perhaps no day in a woman’s life more important than her wedding day — especially when it comes to beauty. And because it may seem daunting to take charge of your makeup for the big day without consulting a professional, Claire from Ultimakeover is here to ensure that each and every bride feels her best!

“As a makeup artist, I always get asked about what products to use and how to best apply bridal makeup. Brides are becoming more independent — they’re really taking hold of their ‘getting ready’ process to save money and stay true to their own style at the same time. I know the pressure to not poke your eye out can be frightening, but with some practice and knowledge of the right products, achieving a gorgeous makeup look on your wedding day is incredibly doable!”

Check out Ultimakeover’s blog + Youtube for more tutorials!

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  • girlmeetsmarket

    Great tips! What a difference “evening out” makes. Same thing goes for nails! Thanks! :)

  • Barabara.Fernadiz

    Nice tips! Make – up is utmost needs to make yourself more glamorous and beautiful thanks for the tips I would keep in my mind when I do make up

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